World Predictions 11-2-19

I had a visual of an outline of a map. The map was either of Africa or Brazil. Then the southern region before reaching the bottom was marked. It could be South Africa / Mozambique area or southern Brazil / Uruguay area. Then the visual shifted to show a dark stone, at first there was one then two drips of blood pouring down, then a river of blood poured over the stone leaving it completely red. “The poor leader will bring so much death. “

“Another major scandal.. nepotism.. he is done.. this one is really bad.. loose ends.. Trump”

Oddly they showed someone without shoes? Barefoot? I question which of two messages that is for?

When, when, when?
The 13th is marked.

The attack against the US? 7:07

The attack in New Zealand? On the 11th hour

Now I need to refocus on the earthquakes. The next Truth has been revealed and ‘Wow’ is it a mind blowing Truth, somewhat questionable to share as it will be controversial. It will be out no later than the 4th.


23 thoughts on “World Predictions 11-2-19”

    1. In New Zealand the 11th of November is Armistice Day at the 11th hour people stop in rememberance for the fallen who have served.

    2. Same as in Canada — 11th hour if the 11th day of the 11th month. Remembrance Day marking the First World War armistice.

    3. My guess: They use hours to describe months so that would imply November, or a more symbolic message is something that happens right before the year ends. If we are to follow their pattern it’s November

  1. There probably is plenty of nepotism occurring in this administration, this headline came out last weekend regarding Trump’s brother, Robert Trump. There are probably other similar situations that will come out in the future possibly relating to his children or their families or who knows what else…

    An IT company with ties to Trump’s brother won a $33 million government contract, and it’s reportedly drawing protests from other bidders

    1. Star Puzzler,

      “Ivanka Trump: China Issues Some Conveniently Timed Trademarks to the First Daughter’s Defunct Business”

      “Ivanka’s newly approved trademark applications were filed in 2016 and 2017—before she shuttered her eponymous fashion company in July 2018 amid growing concerns over potential conflicts of interest. And yet, even after closing down her fashion and accessories brand, Ivanka has continued to win trademarks in China (she picked up 16 this past October), where some of her products (and those of her father) were manufactured.”


  2. Wasn’t one of the truths a while back suppose to be about religion and you were contemplating whether or not you should post it?

  3. Eric,
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Are the earthquakes coming to California soon? Just concerned.

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