World Predictions 2-5-19

Destructive tornado.. Tennessee area.. corner.. between 12 and 15

I had a visual of a question mark, then on a computer was the numbers 77. That implies a prediction is expected on the 7th.

Later they shifted to show 12, then 13 for the tornado as if trying to narrow it down but it felt in question. Though the north California earthquake did not happen on the 3rd as I expected the Spirits feel a quake on the west coast is coming. I asked them when and they said “now”. We have the 5,6 marked with a prediction but the most likely senerio is the 7th, I might be reading 702, 703 the wrong way.


31 thoughts on “World Predictions 2-5-19

  1. The weather for TN for wednesday shows thunderstorms, as well as high temps in the 70s. Sounds ripe for a tornado, unfortunately.

    • They’re calling for possible tornadoes in Arkansas today (Thursday) with a strong cold front pushing through with strong winds affecting the eastern part of the state.
      Tennessee borders the eastern side of Arkansas.

    • I am surprised the big one has not happened yet because so much time has passed. When it does happen it will be bad.

      Be on the lookout for birds flying in tight formation, animals moving to higher ground, and more epileptics having seizures around the same time frame.

      Watch for beached whales and such. Watch for strange behavior in children and animals. Be on the lookout for those suffering from mental health issues to have an episode. I kid you not, those with schizophrenia will know when the big earthquake is coming.

      • Thank you. I do have some seizure problems because of my nervous system disorder so I’ll look out for extra twitching. And look out for animals behaving strangely. Last I checked in around 2017/2018 they said the big one will be here in the next 2 – 5 years. (What psychics and scientists have been saying) I keep checking and checking Dutchinsinse on youtube but I know I won’t be ready when it comes. And being in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve only been through an earthquake as a baby which I don’t remember, so having no earthquake experience I’m totally not prepared for one that big.

    • All I know is if God tells you something twice then what you were shown is set in stone.

      • The number 7 use to be symbolic to “date” this was used as a tool when we first started predicting events because they use to estimate death tolls and related numbers, but they stopped showing so many numbers. However the 7 symbol stuck. Along with that 330 or 33 would represent March 30 is symbolic to month. If they circle the number it’s a year. So we are expecting a prediction on the 7th, one that is in question. However there are other events in question like the shooting spree.

  2. Eric,

    There is an outdoor and bike show at Century Link Field in Seattle.It is occurring Feb 16-17th.

  3. I am in the East Tennessee area in Dolly country. The temperature here right now is 79 degrees and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 41 degrees. That’s definitely a major change in the weather (which we’re kind of used to here in Tennessee) and we’re supposed to be getting storms. Sounds like, unfortunately, the right conditions for that kind of prediction. The rain band is now hitting Memphis. Prayers for Tennessee.

  4. Hi Eric! Hope all is well with you and your mom. When you say “destructive tornado…Tenn area…corner..”….I wonder if corner means like NE, SE, SW AND NW?

    My guess which it could be either NE or SE as it moving toward to east along down the tornado ally. Just a thought.

  5. I looked at the map of Tenn. My guess it either could be SW or NE corner of Tennessee. Let me look up the Tenn weather prediction for next few days.

  6. This posting is from 3-22-18: “The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”
    Today flags are at half mast in honor of longest man serving in Congress. Hmmm….Now what? An earthquake? 3 days from flags at half-mast? We will see…all so cryptic.


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