World Predictions 2-1-19

I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.

They implied Tennessee. I am hoping to gather more details.

“Barcelona.. day.. Spain.. Terror attack.. soccer.. or park.”

I heard a large explosion.

Countdown from 5..4..3.. Marking the 5th or 6th.

I had a visual of two singers standing side by side, one was a woman while the other was a large man with a beard and straggly hair. Again they point to this coming shooting spree, we need to reverify timing. In another message both 6 and 10 where marked. So the 17 is in question.

I had a visual of a large silver hand gun being pulled out and then someone began shooting rapidly. “Red.. Red port.. Like New Port.”

“There will be multiple attacks at one time.. 9/11.. three places back to back.. airplanes.. Texas.. and North California bay.”

Later they would bring up Illinois again as a target.

I had a visual of 2:27

Converting clocks into dates can be confusing but the interpretation here would imply February (2) and then mid month (27). If it was at the end of the month it would read 2:59. To add to the confusion (27) would imply a date right before the 15th. Bottom line, 27 isn’t a date but how far into the month we are.

I had a visual of the 79 and 714 marked that means the 9th and 14th are marked.

I had a visual of a calendar showing 7, then 8.

“Your Fired!. Two will go.. ” Then it shifted to show Trump yelling at Mulvaney.


26 thoughts on “World Predictions 2-1-19

  1. A meteorite hit Cuba today causing a loud explosion – maybe that’s what spirits referred to? I wasn’t sure what other parts of that prediction were connected to the explosion. Here’s a link:

    Also, this might be a stretch but the Grammy awards are 2/10, where there will be many musical performances, including collaborations. One performer I saw listed that might fit your description is Post Malone. But it appears he’s collaborating with Red Hot Chili Peppers, so I don’t know where the female would come into play. Still, there will be a number of musical numbers, male/female duos handing out awards, etc. Hope I’m wrong, but that’s the first thing that came to mind so I thought I’d share.

    • I pray not, but I have been on edge all week and haven’t been sure why.

      Yesterday it hit me that it may have something to do with the Super Bowl (I was thinking it meant the crowds in town effecting me- I live in Atlanta about 2 miles from the stadium.).

      But I also just remembered I had a very weird vision when praying on Jan 3 (just looked up the date in my journal). I heard the words “July 1996” (which I immediately took to be a reference to the Olympic Park bombings in Atlanta) followed by an image of a spider with a giant stinger on its head. (Spiders usually mean terrorist type attacks/violence for me like it does for Eric- but I don’t know what the stinger meant. I just know I was totally freaked out when I saw it).

      It hasn’t even crossed my mind that it had anything to do with the Super Bowl being here until earlier today, when I was thinking “it reminds me so much of when the Olympics were here right now.” But I had it a month to the day before the game, and that happens to me with premonitions being the same date as the event but a month or a year ahead.

      I also had a possible chance to get tickets to the game and a part of me felt really relieved when it fell through. And today I’ve been feeling a bit compelled to leave town for the weekend.

      So I don’t know… I pray not!! And it would be a challenging target with the level of security. Half the streets in Atlanta are even closed for security, and the sky’s are shut down anywhere near the stadium and will be patrolled by fighter jets. Pretty crazy!

      • Several of us were talking about the Super Bowl after church just this morning….the guys were talking about watching it……but…. they and everyone spontaneously said almost the same things….feelings of uncertainty and dread….fear that something bad would happen…..don’t know.
        Perhaps all is just a result of overall feelings of anxiety that seem to permeate everything in the world of today….and…the publicity regarding captured drones feeds into this feeling.
        Also….the recent news about all the fentanyl confiscated, how dangerous it is (the amount recently confiscated would be enough to kill approximately 52 million people as is)….and then the related news regarding the ability to aerosol weapolize it. And the huge security presence at the bowl itself.
        All these things tend to contribute to feelings of anxiety.

      • Thankfully, the Superbowl passed without incident. I wonder if our anxiety clouds our intuition when trying to figure out this stuff? We need to be concerned about terrorism and shootings, but often it’s hard to figure out which feelings are our real intuition, and which might be linked to anxiety.

        A lot of people thought something bad would happen at the Superbowl, but since it didn’t happen, I thought I’d bring this forward

        I’ve been having feelings of dread and the sense we’re in a ‘calm before the storm’, but that could easily just be anxiety induced by news articles. Now, I’m not psychic, so no one should take my worries seriously. But even though I’m not psychic, I still try to use my intuition to figure things out.

        Eric, what’s the best way to tell which feelings are real intuition/spiritual guidance, and which are anxiety induced? That’s something I struggle with.

  2. You predicted a long time ago 2 football helmets regarding a possible attack. Does this new prediction have something to do with this possibly?

  3. “Real Madrid and Barcelona”, face off, semi-finals of the Copa del Rey.
    Location: Camp Nou, 6 February 2019.
    Camp Nou, home stadium of FC Barcelona, capacity = 99,354, largest stadium in Spain and Europe, 3rd largest football stadium in the World (in capacity).

  4. Their is a Reedsport city in Oregon and they have some concerts coming up in February
    Sat, Feb 2 Scott Austin
    Sat, Feb 2 The Strange Brew Band
    Sat, Feb 16 Nyah’s Empty Spaces …

  5. Eric,

    Air Supply has a concert at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma,Wa on Feb 14th.

    Country singer Chase Rice has a concert at Showbox Sodo Seattle on the 15th.

  6. Considering many concurrent happenings in nature, have become very concerned about an impending earthquake or volcanic disaster in USA. The rather rapid (historically) shifting of magnetic polar north; the relative inactivity of the sun; the massive amounts of rainfall & snow (in higher elevations) in CA yesterday which has caused so many disastrous issues….(and predicted rain continuing through Tuesday); and the instability of (particularly) the San Andreas fault line & Pacific plate…..
    All these natural occurrences happening together…….they have caused sleepless nights and an uneasy feeling I am not able to shake.

  7. Plus ….. Camp Nou
    Home stadium of FC Barcelona.
    Seating capacity of 99,354
    Largest stadium in Spain and Europe

    February Events:
    1. Tues 12 Feb FC Barcelona – Lione 9.15pm
    2. Sat 16 Feb FC Barcelona – Valladolid 3.10pm
    3. Sun 17 Feb FC Barcelona vs Real Valladolid 3.30pm


    1. Redport International Financial Institution
    10 East Doty Street, #800 Madison,Wisconsin USA

    Behind this Report Building is the Wisconsin State Capital Government building.
    Next to this Report Building is the Majestic Theatre in next block.

    2. Redport Drive, Corona, California, USA

    3. Redport Information Assurance
    814 West Diamond Avenue, #370 Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA

  9. I posted this before for the mass shooting but the new description of the man and woman fits one of the 3 concert headliners. Chris Stapleton tours with his wife Morgane who is a singer also. He is a large man with a beard and long hair and wears a cowboy hat as well. “the concert is called C2C or Country to Country and it is 3 different headlining bands on 3 different stages playing from March 8-10 F-Sunday in London, Dublin and Glasgow with each band rotating and headlining a different stage each of the three nights. The stadiums are the O2 arenas in at least London and Dublin.

  10. Is the following prediction one of the ones expected within a month, or is the time frame still unclear?
    “There will be multiple attacks at one time.. 9/11.. three places back to back.. airplanes.. Texas.. and North California bay

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