Predictions 2-4-17

“NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked..  worse and worse.”

“Boston”  — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a white van or truck, and individuals shooting at the tires of the vehicle.

I had a visual of multiple people being hit by the vehicle.

I had a visual of 2 then 22

My own backyard? Since I live in San Diego California are they saying southern California or is it just a US reference? The number 7 could be seen as a date, or a reference to the post below. The three 2s could be a reference to 3 different attacks in February.

In the prediction posted on 1-4-16 shown below, the football game is used as an event that is happening around the same time as the attack. It is my opinion that the game is not the target. They are only using this game as a reference point to describe the time frame of these attacks, just as they used the number 2 as a reference point to describe February.

Prediction: Hijacked Plane  “7..7..7″    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.  The port under attack

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man folding his clothes in what looked like a hotel room then there was a massive explosion that ripped through the walls. “In the national capitol”

I believe this prediction below might be talking about the vehicle attack, perhaps I mistook the scene for a shooting?

Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings  I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)






155 thoughts on “Predictions 2-4-17

  1. Eric, I pray this isn’t the case. Could this be the ship attack and can it be stopped? I feel something is close. Maybe this can be averted?

    • I know you didn’t say anything about a ship. It just came to mind. Should we concentrate on a run and a plane? These events can be changed right? Even though no one will know for sure.

  2. The people walking in a group–I would have normally assumed that referred to a marathon or race–but now with so many demonstrations and protest marches, I wonder (and worry) if these people are in danger.

  3. I’m wondering this: if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, there will be a parade celebration in Boston. This could be the “new” reference as well as the Boston reference as well as the football helmets coming together reference?

  4. I’m wondering this: if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, there will be a parade celebration in Boston. This could be the “new” reference as well as the Boston reference as well as the football helmets coming together reference?

    Please post as a reply to
    “Aleafinthewind77”. And change my full name to MareFerg.

  5. Here’s a thought: even if the Super Bowl itself isn’t attacked, won’t there be a lot of parties and crowds at/outside sports bars? That might be an easier target, at least for vehicle attacks.

    If anyone’s going to be in a crowd related to the Super Bowl, just keep your eyes peeled, and if you see anyone acting suspicious, tell authorities. Even if you feel stupid, if something’s weird enough to give you a bad feeling, you should heed your instinct.

  6. New England will win, victory crowds will gather on the streets. A heartless person will ram a vehicle into the crowd.

  7. Keep eyes put for NYC and Boston on same day as Superbowl. Four places I’m praying for protections are Golden bridge, Boston, NYC and Houston. Thanks to all for making efforts to pinpoint as possible place and time. All we can do is POWER OF PRAYERS. hopefully the FBI gets the words to look out for in four places.

    May God be with you all and be safe.

  8. I really don’t want to be devisive but the comments about something happening after the Patriots win is not going to be possible because the Falcons are slated to win the game today! (Also I’m quite confident Eric is right and the game itself is fine. I have a lot of friends that will be there – people I often pick up reads on– and am not getting anything other than a read of jubilation from all of them. Well except my friend that’s a patriots fan. She’ll be sad. But just over the game, not over some serious event).

  9. I really don’t want to be devisive but the comments about something happening after the Patriots win is not going to be possible because the Falcons are slated to win the game today! (Also I’m quite confident Eric is right and the game itself is fine. I have a lot of friends that will be there – people I often pick up reads on– and am not getting anything other than a read of jubilation from all of them. Well except my friend that’s a patriots fan. She’ll be sad. But just over the game, not over some serious event).

      • Don’t forget, even if the Super Bowl isn’t attacked, random celebrations at sports bars, barbecues, etc nationwide could be targets. It’d be easier than trying to get into the Super Bowl Stadium.
        So,everyone just keep a cautious eye out…

      • All that being said it’s likely there will still be crowds in the streets in Boston (and any other walking city) after the game as people leave parties, bars, etc. and head home at the same time.

      • Jules, there is no reply option to your post, but yes, they will get a parade.

      • Thanks Francine. I found that on Feb 10th, this Friday. Hope it is peaceful. But I am now recalling a lot of older predictions for the Northeast and Boston. Maybe some clues in them?

    • Well I had the game right down to how it all played out. Except the final score when I saw it happening was the Falcons not the Patriots. Weird .

  10. I don´t believe the terrorists are from those countries who are in Trumps´travel ban and he is angry to the judge who turned the ban, that if something happens he is guilty!
    Terrorist may be already now on the Usa´s soil. Iran is the counry of shiia muslims. Most of terrorists and Isis people have been sunnis…

    • Notes on 8-30-14 “A major threat.. Boston marks.. the same area.. the same vicinity.. screaming, unspeakable horror.. video made.. soon.. by weeks end, on or around the sacred holiday.” — Spirits Voice. Could the sacred holiday be St. Valentines Day just a week away? I also noticed that these notes also pointed to a unfolding prediction regarding Syria Amnesty International has reported today that up to 13,000 opponents of Bashar-al-Assad were secretly hanged most Tuesday mornings for five years. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

      • Here 2 and 14 are specifically mentioned
        World Predictions 2016
        Posted on January 1, 2017 by Eric Leigh-Pink
        First. I asked Spirits about the terror attacks expected in the US, I was a bit excited that perhaps I was wrong and nothing was coming. But unfortunately they showed a visual of a jar of jam that was almost empty. Jam in the past represents ‘on hold’ ‘jammed’. Then they showed the number 2 again and this time added 14. With the bottle almost empty, its an implication that things are around the corner. I was really hoping to be wrong.

  11. I had a flash of a building then heard Stage 3. (Kind of rattled me at first because I immediately thought spirit was telling me I had stage 3 cancer!) The building seemed like maybe a theater. I checked NYC and there is a Stage 3 New World Stage. You mentioned you saw the word “New” written. Long shot, but thought I would let you know.

  12. I am a fan of Eric’s work and the spirits’ guidance but lately I feel like many of these dire warnings with words like “NOW” or “this week” create a sense of cry wolf since they don’t really transpire as predicted. Don’t get me wrong as I don’t want them to transpire but after issuing multiple warnings to my friends and loved ones they all start to think I am crazy. Can the timing be improved, or wording of the predictions? 🙂

    • i totally agree , i think timing has been off for a long time now with predictions. Originally December was supposed to be very bad now this month , i’ve been telling people about these predictions but get laughed at when they don’t happen.
      Again i’m, not doubting erics work but when does ”now” mean? now, tomorrrow, next week, this time next year?

    • I agree also. No one wants to see any of these happen but also no one will take the warnings seriously as off in timing as they are.

  13. Eric, is it possbible our awareness and mindful intention to prevent tragedies cause them not to happen?

  14. I believe that the attack will take place during the parade as several of Eric’s prediction fit:
    * “Boston, the same area” (the parade will pass the Bolyston street, location of 2013 bombing)
    * They implied “New” (Probably the location, which is in New England or might be a reference to the New Patriots)
    *Football song played (the song might be played during the parade)
    *Scene of a run or walk (reference to the parade itself)

    Just my thoughts.. Just hope that everything is going to be okay

    • I thought about that old prediction and wondered about whether it was in the same area as the 2013 bombing. Thanks for confirming that Randy.

      • Those were my thoughts also, concerning that prediction. Prayers for a very safe and peaceful day at the parade tomorrow.

  15. Just my thoughts Marriott 3 star hotel custom house Boston near superbowl parade in financial district with many restaurants & has observation deck. Hotel made of stone square tower. Something pulling me from 2-10-14 Jules went back to maybe nothing important but just in case. Since explosion at hotel was mentioned recently. Parade feels scarey?

  16. is it not possible to say old predictions in archived months anymore they all used to be in date order now there just seems to be the search tool ??

      • Yeah was just having a look through and some of the stuff I read from 2012 was about the bridge attack that still hasn’t happened just seems a long time spirits have spone of it but just feels that it’s going to come to a head now

      • In the old days predicting events years out was done intentionally, at the time we felt the longer gap of time the more successful the work would be, now we have a completely opposing stance, we eventually want to get to a place where the predictions are only two weeks away. But we need to iron some things out, like our predicted time frames now.

  17. All prophets have made predicts that did not come true, (including Edgar Cayce) and many were accused of providing ‘obscure’ references. In Eric’s case, the Spirits need to sort through the actions of 7 Billion people on this planet to focus on the 300+ million that might be in the US with ‘evil intent’. The Spirits then need to sort through all the ‘regular’ criminal shootings that happen every day in various cities to find those ‘shootings’ that are specifically ‘terrorist’ vice just regular citizen-on-citizen violence, as well, they need to go through all the car accidents that result in death to find those that are specifically ‘terrorist’. And they must be able to pin the year-month-day time.

    That must be a very intensely difficult job.

    I’m thinking that maybe when you read a prediction, do your own internal ‘check’, like others seem to be doing, to see if you get a ‘feeling’.

    just my 2 cents….

  18. Your welcomes Jules I’m also unfamiliar with that area just trying to read between the lines and find something that could maybe fit. I believe cobblestones work into that area some how too?

  19. So possibly on February 22 a van runs over people,(protesters maybe) then a week later maybe 7 hijackers take some planes, doesn’t necessarily mean 7 planes but 7suspects maybe. With all the protesting going on every where the odds of a looney running people down are significantly higher, what I wonder is this going to be international terror or domestic, did they give any implication of that?

    • Thanks Samanthas, they implied multiple times that the concern was over the US and UK. The number 2 has popped up several times, which I am assuming represents February.

      • My question was more towards what kind of terrorists, international (etc.ISIS) or domestic (etc. US radical extremists)? I suppose it could end up being both, I don’t see domestic having the motivation hijack plans i wouldn’t think it would fit their adjenda but the van running ppl over could. But this theory would implicate that the attacks weren’t related, just two attacks by 2 overzealous groups, so is that possible or is it multiple attacks done by terrorist group?

      • I’ve been wondering about the old “oranges” prediction lately…”arranged”, orchestrated. It seems so many old predictions are coming up now. Do you think they could be related?

  20. So here is something to figure out in the future, but what is up with Melania’s behavior? Are people looking for nothing or is there something spiritually wrong going on? Wonder if Spirits will address that at some point. It is lesser issue I suppose, but a curious one.

      • There was a youtube video basically showcasing various events she attended, and almost every time she displayed rather strange behavior least according to experts (supposedly). I rather not say much on the subject since I don’t know what exactly is truth or not.

      • I feel upset after watching that. Why was he twisting her fingers like that? The skin on her arm was all twisted around. Feel very concerned for her 😦

      • This video might not be true on what they’re saying, people can be manipulative youtube, but this was the video I was talking about.

    • Before I post what I think, can I just make very clear that I am not being political or partisan here, this is not about whether or not I like the Trump presidency or not, I don’t have a horse in that race, I’m not American, it wasn’t my election, so please don’t argue about that, thanks! I’d observe these things anywhere, and have knowledge and experience in these issues no matter who it involves.

      I think anyone who has an eye for body language or rapport between people can spot the clear signs of tension and/or control in the Trump marriage. She switches between looking miserable and looking terrified. Her smiles to him are the fake ‘grimace’ type without matching eyes (her face after the dance with the marine was radiant in comparison).Trump has already widely been observed by professionals to have all the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People who are married to Narcissists suffer. Whether emotionally, physically, spiritually. That’s just what happens. Even if each episode of cruelty is minor in itself, the accumulation is soul destroying. It has been called ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’.

      I don’t know how long Melania has appeared as she does now because she only became known here due to the US elections, but with all the massive, unimaginable shifts of pressure and publicity now upon the Trumps, way beyond what they had before, I don’t believe that Melania would be able to keep up the pretence or facade, or hide the truth for long. Something will have to give during the duration of the presidential term. Something will snap. That’s a prediction of sorts I suppose, but not from spirit, just my understanding of human nature.

      The comparative body language between the outgoing and incoming first couples on inauguration day was an extraordinary sight. I can’t read Melania Trump’s mind, but just seeing her like that is distressing (and not because I’m a fan or like her in other ways, just empathy for obvious suffering). Something’s definitely up.

      • I hate that we are all paying hundreds of millions of dollars to keep her in NYC but I do understand why she would be happy to be away from him. He attacked Ivana, she only backtracked calling it “rape” but never denied the attack where he pulled her hair out. Marla used to cry at the hair salon in NYC, he hit her but not anywhere anyone could see.

      • Did you watch that video above and saw how Trump was twisting her fingers and hand around then flung it away. So concerned for her.

      • Trump is egoistic and despot. Everyone can see it in everything and could see in his campaign, how hard and arrogant talks about Clinton and abouty all..
        Now he is fighting to every direction, to judges, to press, to China, Mexico, Iran, Australia.. Trump also called to Philippine´s dictator how he admires him! And Trump admires Putin who is the facist and poisons or put to jail everyone who opposes him!
        The russian soldiers killing in Ukraine at this moment!
        how anyone can be blind any more! It is dangerous Trump has so much power now! How intelligent and wise, peaceful gentleman was Obama. Every single day the chaotic news about Trump and his cabinet.

  21. Eric will you be asking the spirits when these attacks are supposed to happening i think 90% of us on here were expecting something either on Sunday or the Tuesday and there was no news of anything it’s worrying that nothing was on the news of anything being foiled ?

    • I’m wondering the same thing myself. Timing is hard to get a handle on, and if the terrorists’ plans are changing, that would make it worse.

      I’m not psychic, so I don’t pretend that this means anything, but the past few days I’ve been especially tense and irritable and checking the news constantly. Maybe I’m just picking up on everyone’s tensions or mass-hysteria, but I personally think we’re not out of the woods for terror attacks. There’s still this foreboding feeling in my gut that I can’t articulate well.

      Eric, any thoughts on all this?

      • I definitely no were not out the woods as erics predictions are often reliable just the issue being timing as he’s said himself suppose he can only pass on what spirits say and I like yourself have no idea how it all works just wish the timing could be more accurate to give us a better chance

      • I totally agree, if I can fix my constant lack of accurate timing our work would be so much more successful. Its a topic I plan to cover with them, perhaps we can come up with a different strategy. In other news the archives is back up, but to put the entire archives up I had to place it at the very bottom of the site.

      • I am going to try very hard to connect and ask what we are missing, these inaccurate predictions do not help my cause. Please do not allow dread to dictate your emotions. I am sorry I have caused that dread, I am very familiar with it. What I do feel is that the number 2 represents February.

      • Thanks for doing that
        It’s a shame about the timing as I think we have alot if people on here now that do plenty research on your predictions to get locations and times etc
        Hopefully you can find a way of getting the time frames more accurate soon
        But your still doing a great job don’t beat yourself up about it you will get there in the end

      • I agree Laurence. Eric’s doing a wonderful job. Timings always the hardest part. It will happen. It’s a work in progress. 😇🙏🏻

      • We are working on that very problem, the plan is to start focusing our attention on just predictions that are coming very soon. Then that should shorten the window of time they have to work with.

  22. Some psychics and astrologers are predicting that Trump will not complete his first term. What do you think?

  23. Terrorist attacks and timings.
    From the initial concept the thought is put out into the universe. Spirit sees it at the first stage of conception. It is happening now. It then has to be planned with others so again the intention is strengthened and again appears now to spirit. This is why these visions have a long time frame between now and manifestation.
    Psychic visions are all consuming when you are receiving them the clarity of audio, visuals and emotions are like HD TV on steroids. You are very much in the vision and for the receiver they are in that moment as if it is happening now. In visions you are not constrained to thinking in the constructs we have in our earthly bodies. There are no time limits or barriers to travel or having to stop for something to eat or bodily functions.
    This site is a long term project . Maybe we are all jumping the gun in trying to stop these events just yet as there are just not enough details but instead need to let things just flow. Let information come in a pure sense and give Eric and spirit time to practice without pressure.
    Another factor that could be effecting timing is the planet is going through wobbles that are strengthening.
    To try and explain this I would say think of a TV set. The programme is coming through then there is interference and you miss a segment of crucial information. The programme resumes so what happens next doesn’t quite make sense. The wobbles are creating time holes. Sequences are changing as the timing is out.
    Eric we all of us read this site with our own free will so never feel that you have done the wrong thing in putting your predictions out in public. Yes they are awful in so many ways but we who comment here are spiritual warriors who are strong enough to take this on.

    • I second jules104 comment – appreciate your description. I’m wondering if there is a way for Spirit to ‘calibrate’ their predictions – start predicting the formation of hurricanes?

      Also – for all we know, a ‘trial run’ was performed …and that is what Spirit picked up?

      Also – what about free will? I’m assuming that the potential perpetrators could go ‘oh man – it is snowing – no point it doing the attack…’

      And I think that I read that a team of ‘auditors’ review the information that is provided to Eric. I wonder if the auditors make sure that some information that gets through is ‘misleading’. Otherwise, why couldn’t Eric say to the Conductor – I need some financial help – can you start predicting winning lottery numbers for me? I’d really appreciate…

      • Hi Pamela. I think it’s just the timing of events that is the main issue. Eric and Spirit have come a long way since he first started his site and it seems are “tweaking” it as they go. I believe they will eventually have that break through that’s needed to get the timing of events accurate. I agree there is always free will though. And really who knows how many attacks have been foiled and never made known to the public. I highly doubt that he has Spirits that intentionally give him wrong information. On the matter of money, Eric has said many times that he would not use his gifts for that type of thing such as the lottery. I’d guess the Spirits would not seek out such a person to work for them if they did use their gifts for something like that. Though he does readings it’s an honest way to make a living from the gift he’s been given. Hope that helped. Blessings.

  24. I so hope you are totally wrong about all this. Or the reactionary government will have a reason to go extreme on our Muslim friends and neighbors. (Of course, white nationalist supremicists are planning violence too.)

  25. I really hope the terrorists are not from those seven countries which are on Trump´s ban list, ( or not any false flag) .. so he couldn´t get the victory saying he was right and all others who opposed him are guilty!

    • Why don’t you just be happy if or when amy terrorists are caught? Aside from the fact yhsy most of the countries on that list were already consideed sponsors of terrorism under previous administrations, and all of those countries on the current list have either sponsored terrorism or harbored terrorists. Preventing any terrorist from getting into the country is a win for *all* Americans.

      • Francine,
        Agreed! I want terrorists to be caught before they commit attacks–that should be more important than whether we’re proving/disproving politicians right.

        Sometimes I feel like politicians (on all sides) are more concerned with whether something makes their political parties/beliefs look bad, than protecting human lives.

        I don’t like Trump, but it makes me sad that people are discounting the temporary ban altogether when there are serious problems with the vetting process. The ban is only meant to buy us time to review and fix the possible loopholes terrorists get through. Shouldn’t we fix those loopholes now, before people die? Isn’t that prudent?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Trump enacted the ban way too quickly, before anyone had time to prepare or get their travel affairs/visas in order. He was too sloppy about it, and people are right to insist that stuff be addressed as well.

        But I fear we’re not taking the terrorist threat seriously enough–I feel like people expect us to wait until a deadly attack happens before they’ll even consider reviewing the vetting process. (Sort of like waiting until someone robs your house before you start locking your doors.)

        Sorry, don’t mean to go off into a political spiel, nor do I mean to offend anybody–just wanted to express my concerns, especially now when these predictions hint at possible terror attacks.

      • Most of terrorists have been from different countries which are on Trump´s ban list…. 911- terrorists from Saudi- Arabia, Egypt, Lebabon.. In the Bryssels airport attack from Morocco..
        In Nice attack from Tunisia. Also lot of terrorists from Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan, Afganistan..also single terrorists living all over the world in different countries, also already now on Usa´s soil. So it is not possible to stop attacks by denying every single traveller( most of them innocent) from 7 countries.. there must be some other systems, vetting and looking individuals.

      • Anita,
        I understand and respect your point of view. But there have been terrorists from countries on the list–the man who stabbed several Ohio State college students was from Somalia.

        Besides that, the seven countries in the ban have had problems with funding terrorism, and most importantly, they aren’t able/willing to verify who is who. For example, Syria has been in a civil war for years, and there are not likely accurate databases that we can use to verify someone is who he says he is.

        Also, the ban isn’t meant to ban everyone forever, just for a few months so we can review and fix any problems in the vetting process. I think it would make more sense to make people wait a few months now, than leave the vetting process unchecked, which could lead to many deaths down the road.

        A Christian Iraqi I’d read about was upset that people protested so much about a temporary travel ban, yet hardly anyone protested years, or even months ago when ISIS members were murdering, raping, and cutting limbs off Yazidis, Christians, and moderate Muslims.

        He had a point–I do wonder why most people were silent before, didn’t protest or encourage their government officials to step in and help the victims of ISIS’ genocide. If we’d done half as much to stop ISIS then, we wouldn’t need to take controversial steps to keep people safe now.

        I don’t mean to offend anyone, or go off into a tangent, so this will be all I’ll say on this for now.

  26. Eric – the fact that they circled the 2 and you explained a long time ago that the circle around the number is a year makes me think that February 2018 is the year. You broke down the numbering prior for a reason and seems we all forget that because the message is so dire and we want to make an impact

  27. I think since they explained the number references that when they say 2, 5, 22 etc and double circle, box, or just single circle it we need to ask what year will this happen.

  28. I have had a few times today that out of the blue I have seen an image of one of those old hourglass sand timers (the kind you flip over and let the sand run out of) very close to the end/finishing. This is not something I’ve ever had before and I’m not positive what it means am just making assumptions. It could be related to something in my own life (this week has been crazy with the number of my own premonitions in my own life from 6-8 weeks ago that have been happening out of nowhere)… but given that for a few months I have had very similar imagery/random words to what Eric has gotten on several things (something happening in London, and LOTS around airplanes, something with trucks one white and one brown though I wasn’t seeing it was running people over as much as exploding, a sniper, something with marines, something with the Queen passing away….) it seemed worth mentioning here.

    Interestingly I was looking back through my journal yesterday also and had the words “Bowling Green, Ohio ?” written on 11/25. I remember at the time hearing Bowling Green out of the blue and a confusing vibe of an attack but maybe not an attack, and it was right around the time Eric was having the Ohio predictions. I knew there was a Bowling Green Ohio so that’s what the “Ohio?” was… me trying to narrow down if that could be filling in Eric’s prediction. Hindsight is fascinating! Clearly this was about the “Bowling Green Massacre.” (Nothing to do with what Eric was getting- I filled in my own blanks! Oops!).

    • Because there were two Iraqi men that were from Bowling Green, Kentucky, who were arrested in 2011 and convicted of providing material support to Al Quaeda.

      • Francine I think it’s because all of the Bowling Green stuff Kelly Anne said has been so big in the news… I was pre picking up on it!

  29. In regards to the football event I just want to relay that the EFL (English Football League) Cup Final will be played on 2/26/17 at Wembley Stadium (Manchester United vs Southhampton). At the stadium there is the White Horse Bridge which is a footbridge at the entrance. There is also a Bridge Park Hotel which is a “stones throw” to the stadium. Prediction 12/6/16 has a bridge and the number 26 referenced. I know that the SF bridge is referenced several times but I thought that this might be related somehow.

  30. Hi,
    Just so its out there. My friend had a vision last night, opened her eyes & closed them again, it was still there. No timeframe. Shes had many come true & some that never happened so who knows. She first saw 2 what she feels were muslim men, walking with guns. Then saw a round thing she realized most be a bomb sitting on a chair. Somebody put a newspaper over it. Doesnt know if that means literally or meant to show its hiding. She saw the floor & just felt it might be a hotel lobby type of place. No state, country etc, thats it. I might add she has appeared to miss a few but this same woman 3 days before 9/11 had a vision where she saw 3mens faces. Two perfectly, the 3rd hard to see. When they identified & showed the close up of the 3 guys in the newspaper after 9/11 she saw it & literally fell back & passed out for a few minutes. They were the exact faces she saw & remembered so vividly. She doesnt try to do this, nothing professional, it just comes to her.

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  39. Eric,
    Ref::“NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard

    New Orleans…
    March 3 (UPI) — The son of a New Orleans police officer was arrested after his car crashed into bicyclists and pedestrians on a street, killing two and injuring seven others during Mardi Gras-style celebrations Saturday night in the city.


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