Predictions 12-23-16

“The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.”

“LA bombing.. in a few minutes (days)..” (Los Angeles?)

I had a visual of a building or structure that was completely desolate, burned, nothing but ash and rubble.

“The good (or goods) store.”

“The San Francisco bombing is a vehicle bomb.. the target is the frame.” (perhaps the frame of the bridge?)

“Another attack with a vehicle as a weapon to run others over” (This prediction is incomplete, my hope is to get the information prior to Christmas.)

Spirit, can you give me a specific date?

“We don’t know yet.”

Spirit clarified that they know the intent of these terrorist; San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, and hijacked planes. But for now its their intent, their ideas and plans in motion. So they aren’t entirely predicting the future as they are sharing the plans of these vicious individuals. We will continue to monitor the information, the minute they can predict the time I will let you know.

Has these predictions happened?

I had a visual of a flag, black, white and yellow. ‘We have got him!’ Then you see shadows of people beating, pulverizing a man, sprays of blood shot out. His face was completely bloody. Then his face had dirt on it.  Then the visual switched and showed a Vengeance symbol with the Karma symbol in the center.

Did I just mix up the colors and this prediction is talking about the German terrorist that was killed in Italy? But he wasn’t beaten?

“Hijacked.. 27”

There was a hijacked plane today in Malta but there are no ties to the number 27?

93 thoughts on “Predictions 12-23-16

  1. There are at least three Sam Goody (good store?) stores in Los Angeles. Just a small guess.

    I hope Carrie Fisher will make it.

  2. Hi Eric,

    The hijacked plane had a blue symbol on the tail of the plane so it made me think of your prediction because you mentioned the color blue. I was waiting for you to send out an email stating that it had happened.

    All the very best wishes for a peaceful and joyous holiday to you and your family.

    Rusti & Greg Gioiosa

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Dear Eric,

    When you say the Queen will pass are you saying the Queen of England or just an important woman figure?

    1. On the thread for the previous post, there was some discussion of an impending death. Eric felt it was something to do with the royal family (i.e. the British one), with people lining the streets waving Union Jacks. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were very poorly this week, they had to change their travel plans. Both in their nineties, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one goes. I also believe they are such a long bonded couple that when one goes the other won’t be far behind.

  4. Just an brief comment from me that might add light to these visions …

    These events/attacks appear to occur in near synchronicity. The same day, even. I’m struggling to imagine how a sophisticated terrorist operation won’t be prevented by authorities. I can see how a small group could carry out a singularly deadly attack in an a specific area, however.

    Perhaps, by coincidence, a disaster unrelated to terrorism happens on the same day as the attack? I don’t know of any previous disasters that occurred on the same day as the other. There’s an odd disconnect in the visions here. I seem to have experienced it several days back around the 12th.

    We need to know why this “disconnect” is happening, otherwise we won’t stop these events or even mitigate the damage somehow. I haven’t been delving back into my visions quite yet (due to reasons I outlined in a previous post), but if I unintentionally stumble upon a groundbreaking discovery I’ll post it here asap.

    That’s all for now. Don’t let these things get you down. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Eric, SWC:

    I hope you and your families have a wonderful and blessed holiday season. And I pray for peace and goodwill among all the people of this beautiful planet. And I hope that one day, very soon, we awaken to the truth that we are ONE, and lovingly embrace one another for all of our wonderful and unique differences. Hugs ❤

      1. Merry Christmas Eric xx you are so amazing what you do and I’m sending you big hugs from me and my family in the uk xx

  6. Eric, maybe the word, ‘frame’ references to the artistic community in San Francisco, or the LGBT community. I googled & found the Outside the Frame Film Festival, but I didn’t see an imminent event – maybe one of your followers here might know, so I’m putting the theory out there. Maybe a nightclub w/ the word ‘frame’ being a name or nickname- like the Orlando, FLA attack. It could be a restaurant name, too, or the bridge you reference. I just felt the word ‘frame’ might be key.

  7. The thing with a suspension bridge is that you only need to take out the cables and the whole thing goes down. I had a look at the GGB and here is a photo at the San Francisco end. If you look at the stubby sandy coloured structures on top of the arched section near to the viewer, those are where the cables are anchored. I have no engineering knowledge to analyse this, but would that be an efficient place to position a bomb?

      1. And the matching pillar at the SF end is located very close to Pier 26, as mentioned elsewhere.

    1. Hi BeachHut. I was trying to research the Golden Gate last night. I basically came up with the same conclusion, though if you were to take out the two towers I believe the tension in the cables would release, which would be horrible. And/or if someone could take out a part of the frame (bridge roadway). So maybe the bridge frame, the area in between the two towers, the area where the cars drive, if that were blown up… could that cause a collapse? And I don’t even like thinking on terms of two towers. Ugh. 😬

  8. Eric and Star48,

    My daughter meditated on this and feels Italy will be bombed early next week. She got:

    “Italy” – Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Her symbol I suppose for Italy. She is positive it is Italy.
    “Old, elderly” — Which she thinks is the town or building/structure that will be effected, though it could be the people but she doesn’t think so. She feels pretty confident it’s in reference to a church or churches.
    “Early next week – Tuesday” — She feels Italy will be attacked either early next week or Tuesday.
    “Churches” – She feels a list of churches is had by ISIS and they’re attacking churches and anything having to do with religions that are not aligned with their own.
    “Disappointment and sadness” – The people are obviously upset over the attack but the overall feeling is one of sadness and disappointment that the attacks happen near to their God’s birthday/or at the church/churches.
    “ISIS has a list of churches” – Even though the news story came out today of the list of churches, she had no idea as she doesn’t do the news. She feels their list of churches is not in the US. Meaning, even though ISIS has a list of U.S. places to attack, she is connecting to places they will attack soon outside of the U.S. – if that makes sense.

    She also feels London will be attacked very soon as well. Within the next two weeks.

    Alright. Just wanted to share in the interest of further clarifying locations. If Eric and all reading this who are able, can hone-in on the city locations, perhaps we could contact the churches.

  9. The predictions about the Queen will pass, the small British flags waving, the processional under threat and George passing (since you feel George refers to a UK figure)..I wonder if that indicates that something happens at the funeral processional for Queen Elizabeth and Prince George is injured.

    1. A caveat to the earlier Italy bombing prediction – there will be a bombing at a Catholic Mass very, very soon. In Italy. I’m not Catholic but could be tonight/tomorrow or whenever Italians when attend a big mass.

      Peace and love to them – and all reading this.

  10. A Russian military plane carrying approx 90 ppl has disappeared from radar after taking off in Sochi. Could this be the hijacking?

  11. Eric, I’ve just had a very important epiphany, but others should follow up to confirm these are the attack locations. Regardless, please read this ASAP. This COULD be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for …

    I’ve studied Eric’s post above, and the ones through the past week. I was confused at the differing locations I and Eric were divining: One in NY City, the other in San Fran. or L.A. Just a few minutes before I started typing this, everything makes sense now.

    I’m sure some of you heard of recent government warnings about terrorist attacks over the holidays. Particularly, they warned against attacks on CHURCHES. Remember that fact, because it’s essential to making sense of our myriad visions these past weeks.

    I held these specific warnings in mind as I looked over Manhattan with GoogleMaps. I searched for a list of all churches in Manhattan. Two major churches/cathedrals near mid-Manhattan stuck out to me immediately: “Saint Francis of Assisi,” and “All Angels
    Church”. You can look up the locations yourself if you think I made these up.

    So, I thought to Eric’s specific locations: ‘San Francisco – LA (Los Angeles).’

    My epiphany was realizing ‘San Francisco’ and ‘LA’ weren’t referring to the literal locations … BUT CHURCHES. The spanish word ‘San’ translate to the English ‘Saint’. San Francisco (the city) was original a Spanish religious site dedicated to, you guessed it, Saint Francis. ‘Los Angeles’ was another of these sites, meaning ‘The Angels’ in english.

    San Francisco = Saint Francis = Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral
    LA = Los Angeles = The Angels = All Angels Church

    This would tie my prediction of a terrorist bombing in Manhattan with Eric’s ones involving the cities of California … which are really metaphors for the two churches. There were a few loose ends at first: The insistence on a ‘bridge’ being involved, a ‘frame’ being attacked, and a ‘good(s) store’. This lead to my second, damning, two-part epiphany: First, there are many GOODS STORES surrounding Saint Francis of Assisi (“All Angels Church” is nearby some popular shopping/food locations as well).

    Second, and by far MOST importantly: The ‘bridge’ and ‘frame’ are metaphors. The bridge represents a transition from one place to another. What’s the next big holiday involving an important TRANSITION? New Years Day. The ‘frame’ specifies the timing further: It happens on one of the days immediately BEFORE and AFTER the first day of 2017. I believe only two dates are possible: December 31st, and January 2nd.

    In Summary: Two extremely powerful bombs go off at/very near these two specific churches. I don’t know if the bombs will be synchronized or not, but I think we finally have enough information to contact authorities. Please follow up on my theory if anyone knows more details. Remember: Saint Fracis of Assisi and All Angels Church … BOTH in Manhattan!

      1. Sure thing! Looking back I realized I made several grammatical errors, but I rushed to get this to you despite typing it all on my IPhone (a PC/keyboard wasn’t readily available at the time). Hopefully you still understood what I got across. I’m confident this information, at the very least, will be an important step forward to averting the tragedy.

        1. It’s interesting because during meditation I initially say a man in a gray bucket hat and he looked me in the eyes and then blew up…a few minutes later I say the bubble 1231….I’m pretty sure this is happening that day…I pray for NY, my home city…

  12. “The Queen will not attend church on Christmas Day because she is still suffering from a heavy cold, Buckingham Palace has said”. No mention of Prince Phillip?

    1. The queen did not attend church Christmas services for the first time in 30 years. I think Prince Philip was seen out.

  13. “The good (or goods) store.” When I read this, for some reason, the Salvation Army popped into my mind. So I went to the Salvation Army main page, and the title says “The Salvation Army – Doing the Most Good,” and then there is a button to “Donate Goods.” And their slogan is “DOnate GOODs.” (Do good). Just thought I’d throw this out there, as there are countless Salvation Army stores and thrift shops around the world.

  14. “The good (or goods) store.” When I read this, I immediately thought of the Salvation Army, for some reason. So I logged onto their website, and the title is “Salvation Army – Doing the Most Good,” and there is a “Donate Goods” section, and the logo for their donation section says, “DOnate GOODs” (Do Good). Just thought I’d throw this out there, as there are countless Salvation Army family and thrift stores throughout the world. Peace & blessings to all of you.

  15. Eric and Observer,

    My daughter kept getting symbols for Italy yesterday with visions of bombs going off during Mass. She got symbols for Catholicism. And symbols it would happen very soon. She got the feeling of “very old” and assumed it was Italy. Now I wonder if she was picking up on the Italian (named) churches in America. Hhmmm.

    1. Maybe your daughter is getting the “very old” symbol as a premonition of an attack on the Vatican? And, Observer 227 above refers to attacks on churches; St Francis theme might also point to the Pope Francis. Hope not. Pray everyone for peace – worldwide peace.

    2. I first thought ‘San Francisco’, as a metaphor for ‘Saint Francis’, might refer to the Pope. It would also fit into my precognitions that an important figure would be killed during the attacks.

      However, I’m getting no indication the specified attacks occur anywhere other than the United States. I think the ‘very old’ feeling from your daughter might just refer to the Catholicism branch of Christianity these NY churches represent. These two church buildings could also be very old, but that’s just a guess on my part. Catholicism began in Italy, the location of the Vatican in Rome, and is the original branch of the Christian religion.

      I’m convinced the important person who’ll be targeted in the attacks will be Donald Trump. The belief that he will be targeted, frankly, isn’t based too much on my visions and more on deduction. From seeing the immense chaos which occurs the several months following this americans’s death, chaos which far exceeds the aftermath of 9/11, I can’t imagine it being anyone else.

      What exactly happens the many months/couple years after the attacks is far from certain. I first thought it would be a brief rebellion of radical conservatives in the United States. Now, I’m afraid it’s more like a global war between Muslims and everybody else. I’m not simply talking about a re-ignition of the “War on Terror”. It sickens me to even say this, but this becomes less a war than a literal genocide on all Muslims. It won’t progress to this point immediately. It results from a worldwide cycle of revenge attacks against Muslims, who try to defend themselves against their attackers, which their attackers perceive as a challenge and start bringing weapons into the mix, etc … etc …

      Several powerful nations around the world, obviously those affiliated with opposing religions to Islam, will form a coalition to combat angry Islamic nations that are invading Israel/assaulting their citizens abroad. Long story short: All Muslim nations and groups unite to defeat their powerful assailants. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this World War Three, just without the threat of a nuclear holocaust. As the vast majority of Islamic nations don’t possess nuclear warheads, or their warheads are too primitive to be a threat, I don’t really see an atomic threat. Western nations, due to this low threat, will invade with conventional units. The three nations that might seriously consider using nukes are Israel, India, and Pakistan. Any nuclear bombings would be devastating in-of themselves and hopefully will never happen. However, I don’t see these three groups ever ending civilization any time soon.

      There’s more I can share, but I’m at a family gathering at the moment. In summary, civilization’s not ending any time soon … although it will seem like that during points in the war. However, I can assure you the world’s balance of power will change forever.

      1. star48, thanks for the information. There are many radioactive sources, with WMDs or materials to create such devices, poorly supervised by those areas respective governments. This creates the obvious threat of anti-western groups stealing these materials to create a miniature nuclear explosive.

        The atomic material stolen from Iran, as the article explains, could pose an extreme threat to global security if falling into the hands of a group like ISIS.

    1. Star 48 just caught your post .
      praying for coastal safety and people have listened and taken required action for the tsunami warning in Chile

  16. Eric SWC All the very Best Wishes
    for a peaceful safe joyous Xmas ..
    Heartfelt goodwill to all who are reading and commenting on this site that has brought us together with a shared goal to spread love light and compassion to the world
    rest easy …

    1. Thank You Rhona. 😇☺️ May your Holidays be filled with joyous moments of love and laughter and bright cheery day’s. Blessings

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You Eric and All of the Spirit Warrior Clan. Praying everyone has a joyous and safe day. 🙏🏻😇🌟

  18. Hi Observer and everyone,

    Thank you for your post and insights. You actually helped Hannah (my daughter) refine her impressions a bit more. I read her what you wrote and she wanted me to post an update (thanks to your thoughts):

    She feels the next attack globally will be: Moscow
    The next attack on U.S. soil will be: New York (she does not feel it is a church). This will not result in huge amounts of casualties, though one is too many
    London will be soon after and a much bigger deal than the attack in New York.
    The Queen will pass in February 2017
    Her (my daughter) thoughts on an attack IN Italy now feel wrong…she does not feel Italy though she keeps hearing “OLD Italian roots”…so she isn’t sure if your Catholicism theory is spot-on but it is as good as any (old churches, Catholicism,) but somehow Italy is tied-in (Could “Little Italy” be the location of the NYC attacks anyone? Hannah (my daughter) is not sure).
    She feels nothing for San Francisco or any bridge
    Someone well-known passes on January 17th
    She does not feel anything bad for George Bush Sr., or Prince George (though I think the “George” you once heard Eric was possibly George Michael, who passed a few hours ago?)

    Not sure if this helps…I would LOVE to get to a day where we can all work together to refine locations – down to dates/times/ and have such specifics that we thwart any attacks. Please feel free to chime-in if you have any further thoughts.

    Happy Sunday everyone —

  19. Hi Smalltowngirl,

    I just asked her and she feels nothing bad or wrong about Trump’s inauguration. His inauguration goes off without a hitch or issue.

    But. She does feel a failed assassination attempt for Trump (nothing happens to him). She said this feels soon but she’s not sure when.

    Do you or does Eric/anyone else have insights around Trump and attempts or his inauguration?

  20. Just had a thought. The queen…does it have to be the Queen of England? Could it be the princess (Carrie Fisher) or her mother Debbie Reynolds? Someone might target Carrie’s funeral. I hope not, but would probably be in L.A.

  21. Eric,
    Ref::Spirit clarified that they know the intent of these terrorist; San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, and hijacked planes. But for now its their intent, their ideas and plans in motion. So they aren’t entirely predicting the future as they are sharing the plans of these vicious individuals. We will continue to monitor the information, the minute they can predict the time I will let you know.

    Britain 🇬🇧
    British airlines..
    Customer data stolen in massive cyber- theft…
    380,000 cards compromised.

  22. “The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.”

    great threat –> Wuhan virus Pandemic ?

  23. WAR around/on Christmas?

    “Spirits Mention What may happen this Christmas. Also, a Priest (Spirit) Enters my room

    “They keep mentioning the war, and have since January of this year (2020). ”

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