Newsmax :Psychic Predicted Hillary Health Woes

Here is the article about the previous prediction:

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  1. maryannbwilson Avatar

    Congratulations, Eric!

  2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Planning to post something more on Hillary Clinton.

  3. Rhona Avatar

    Eric congatulations to you and spirit ..hopefully an expanding reader base will ensue and word can get out in time for preventing future tradgedies and warnings of upcoming events ..

  4. Chewdy Avatar

    After reading all the comments to your article at Newsmax I posted this:

    Spirituality is a living thing that can only be developed through self-revelation.

    When I seek the answers to anything, the first place I go is to my inner consciousness. Of course, the validity of the answers I receive can only be seen, and determined by me.

    And although I believe that demonic-like spirits do exist, I dont allow them into my mind-space. I am a spirit of the ages – a demonic spirit has no power over me unless I allow it.

    ‘Tis folly to believe that because we are spirits in a physical world, that we are limited to the 5 physical senses.

  5. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    19 days from the prediction to the event. Her stumble was quite significant, caught on camera and on the 9/11 anniversary when many would be watching her.

  6. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    I just wanted to bring this up but it will be a month tomorrow for this prediction from Eric

    1. Rhona Avatar

      luna tic hi…thanks for reminding us of the time frame passed …
      love and light
      stay well

  7. Elaine Avatar

    Trump is again promoting violence against Hillary. He said if her SS was disarmed, ‘ let’s see what happens’. This man is very scary, and my sister, who is a die-hard republican is going to vote for him.

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