Prediction Paris Attack

I had a visual of a newspaper falling that read ‘France Attacked’
“Paris Attack.. two dueling situations”
“The first at a park (stadium?).. explosive situation.. lady”
“Right now.. when Obama is around.. in a day or two”
10  — Spirits Voice

Previous prediction: Predictions 6-16-16
“At a stadium.. the attack does the opposite of ‘terror’ because it unites the people.
The French.. France.. it missed the journalist.. last week.
Then.. the police will be attacked
Then protect the Lou! Protect the Lou!
Such a vicious cycle again and again.
France, the UK, the US, all will be hit very soon” — Spirits Voice

“The leaders will turn on the French president”
“Another attack.. decapitated a brutal attack” (This attack could be talking about France but it was not verified and could be about Germany or another nation.)

One of the new changes we discussed is warning you right before an old prediction is about to happen. This new message is a reminder and update to that prediction. Please France prepare yourself, share this message so we can help alter this horror, protect the Lou!  Spirit mentioned the word “Mon—” .. perhaps the name of the park or area? — ELP

France please heed the warning as we predicted the previous attack: Paris Terror Attack  Terror Attack in Brussels  Turkey Bombing

J’ai eu un visuel d’un journal relevant que lire «France Attaquée ‘
“Paris Attaque .. deux situations dualing”
“La première dans un parc (stade?) .. Situation explosive .. dame”
«En ce moment .. quand Obama est d’environ .. dans un jour ou deux”
10 – Spiritueux voix

prédiction précédente: Prédictions 6-16-16
“A un stade .. l’attaque fait le contraire de la« terreur »parce qu’il unit le peuple.
Les Français .. France .. il a raté le journaliste .. la semaine dernière.
Alors .. la police sera attaqué
Puis protéger le Lou! Protéger le Lou!
Un tel cercle vicieux encore et encore.
France, Royaume-Uni, aux États-Unis, tout sera frappé très bientôt “- Spirits Voix

“Les dirigeants vont tourner sur le président français”
“Une autre attaque .. décapité une attaque brutale” (Cette attaque pourrait parler de la France, mais il n’a pas été vérifiée et pourrait être sur l’Allemagne ou d’une autre nation.)

L’un des nouveaux changements dont nous avons discuté est pour vous avertir juste avant une vieille prédiction est sur le point de se produire. Ce nouveau message est un rappel et mise à jour de cette prédiction. Please France préparez-vous, partagez ce message afin que nous puissions contribuer à modifier cette horreur, protéger le Lou! Esprit a mentionné le mot “Mon —” .. peut-être le nom du parc ou de la zone? – ELP

France s’il vous plaît tenir compte de l’avertissement que nous avons prédit l’attaque précédente:  Paris Terror Attack  Terror Attack in Brussels  Turkey Bombing





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  1. France is in the Euro Cup final with Portugal Sunday the 10th, tomorrow.
    Obama is leaving Spain tomorrow to deal with the Police shootings in Dallas.
    It sounds like this may lining up. I would like to mention that First Lady Obama and her girls are also traveling with the president. Since Obama is mentioned, lady may possibly refer to her as well.

    1. twiceblessed and Eric, I read an article earlier that said the First Lady and daughters had returned home already. So I hope that’s a good thing. I always think of the Statue of Liberty when I hear “lady” and we are talking about France.

      1. Good news about the First Lady and their daughters Julia. Yes, I also thought about the Statue of Liberty when I saw lady. It does make sense since it is France of which they speak.

  2. There is two important tourist site I’m Paris beginning by mon : Montmartre (where a garden is) and Montparnasse with the highest tower in France and near a major train station.
    I saw this night that I was in an important marketplace with a lot of people and I speaker with a policemen about a bad feeling including a man with glasses, driving a grey car and going to explose itself with the car.
    I was very disturbed by this nightmare.

  3. HI eric it’s euro 2016 final tonight with France playing in it
    There will be fanzones all over the country there is a big next to the eifel tower where there’s huge screens for people to watch the game from what I’ve seen there is easly about 10,000 people watching the game there
    The final will he at the stade de France which roughly holds 80,000 it’s in Paris aswell

  4. I mentioned this under a prediction somewhere else that connected the Statue of Liberty with an event in France, possibly multiple attacks or a connection. There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the Seine quite close to the Eiffel Tower which, as Laurence says, is site of the Fanzone park-like area. If ‘Lady’ calls to mind Lady Liberty, she might well feature if an attack happened in that area.

    In addition to the names of the parks, Could the ‘Mon’ be a ‘Mont’ (with a silent T?) Montmartre and Montparnasse could be added to the list of potentials?

    1. There’s another bit of Lady Liberty elsewhere in Paris, though many visitors don’t realise what it is. If anyone recalls the time when Princess Diana died, near the entrance to the tunnel was a large gold statue that looked like a Mr Whippy ice cream swirl. That is in fact a full size replica of the Statue of Liberty’s torch flame. She was of course a gift to America from France to commemorate their common revolutionary histories. That would make her an especially potent symbol for West-hating terrorists.

    2. Just to note I reread the thread, slower this time and see Klem mentioned the ‘Monts’ before me.

    1. Rhona I just turned on the tv and the news had two people talking with the Statue of Liberty/Iron Lady in the background directly inbetween them. Like X marks the spot. Now I’d say coincidence but I’ve always had weird things come through on the tv before. Hope and Pray I’m wrong. Either way I feel the areas to watch are Lady, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the stadium Game. Praying for France.

  5. SWC, I just noticed something. We are talking about everywhere but the Louvre. Are these two different situations? Should we be directing more towards the Louvre? They mention a park or stadium or both (one and the same?), and the Louvre. Are Spirits giving a timeline saying after the stadium/park attack protect the Louvre, or maybe at the same time protect the Louvre? I know Spirits said the spiders will be directing attention elsewhere. Can someone confirm these are separate events? I just want to make sure we don’t direct attention away from where it should be.

  6. Another ‘Mon’ potentially – Mons in Belgium, the country having a huge terrorist base that has already been linked to the previous Paris attacks. I don’t know if the S is silent in Mons, but there you go. Incidentally, google maps tells me it’s near to a place called La Louviere, though I think Eric has well established that ‘Lou’ is that big art palace thingy by the Seine.

    Also – what might the 10 refer to? The 10th Arondissement (sp?) of Paris contains major railway stations Du Nord & De L’Est.

  7. Oh, another possible ‘Mon’ who is definitely connected to the Louvre – it seems obvious now but I think no-one’s mentioned it. Monet!

    1. Eric, there are several dramatic photos in that report, I don’t know if it looked like that in your vision?

  8. Jules Dawn Swc may be long shot and your research is great but could Mon be Monday and wind up celebratiions for Euro there are thousands everywhere in Paris winding up the soccer.
    Jules media of alk kinds is used by spirit and i agree you get messages from tuning in and it synchs with your T.V….not odd its awareness….Im.hoping security is tight around the Lourve…

    1. This is a good idea. I wonder though, how does spirit give Eric language-specific words (as opposed to fixed names, places) if, as he says they (spirit) don’t speak English, Why would they use ‘Mon’ to mean Monday while referring to France, instead of ‘Lun’ for Lundi?

      I’m not disagreeing with your post here, rhona by the way, I’m just mulling something I’ve not even thought about before. I’m curious how the language would typically be used in the messages Eric receives when posts are about different countries with different languages. Do the important words come through in that other language?

      1. You have to look at it from a different perspective. They don’t have mouths, tongues, vocal cords, they are pure energy, with intelligence, memory, emotion. They communicate through a mental landscape of visuals, emotions, and symbols. The ‘voice’ is similar to that same voice of yourself: “Where did I leave my keys? Oh yes on the table.” you might think. Now imagine a voice in your head that’s not you, doesn’t even sound like you. But its all in your head . This idea that they can learn English sounds a bit off to me? What would they do with it? Please everyone put yourself in their shoes, you don’t have a physical form, your just energy, how would you communicate?

      2. On another note, they have been slowly shifting direction to maps. Showing the shape of a nation. I have been tasked at studying the cities of those nations, its taking pretty long. Then we can expect to see them shift from showing a map followed by a mark of the place on that map to narrow a location down, but this will come over a years time.

  9. The Lou is a rugby team in Lyon who will come back in first national league this year.
    They will play in the gerland stadium.
    Maybe is it the Lou spirit talking about.

  10. Dawn what a great question …i love it…
    your correct in thinking the important words would come through specific to the country just seems logical ..alsi much of what comes through is dependant on Erics store house and his lexicon ti interpret the incoming pictures numbers locations and words each person that channels has a unique message bank for spirit to filter the messages through and Eruc has said his spirit have not had an earthly life ti draw from si that makes it hard frim both sides …maybe the next questiin could be ..why dont they have advisors who have had previous life eperience ? it would still require Erics spirits ti convey the message ..but he did say more troops are arriving to help ..maybe it will get clearer and easier for him and them ..I hope so He works very hard…
    sorry Dawn if I have overly responded me there is heaps more but too much to add here…
    but yes it probably wasnt Monday
    thanks for saying that..
    blessings and stay safe Dawn

    1. Oh no rhona, you haven’t over responded at all, I think it’s an interesting question, and Eric has replied to my post above too. I know channellers interpret what’s coming through in their own manner of speech. I don’t know if it’s a similar process with Eric, but some words might appear like logos, visual images that would be recognised around the world, other words are meaning-specific. But as you say, reinforcements are coming along in spirit, and the methodology is developing and being refined all the time.

      Blessings to you, and Eric too of course.

  11. Eric,
    Bastille Day is July 14th and is basically French Independence Day. It is a national holiday and there are many celebrations.The most well known celebration takes place on the Champs-Élysées in Paris where the large Bastille Day Military Parade marches from l’Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde. Allied troops also march in the parade. There are airforce aerobatic displays and fireworks.
    Perhaps you can see if this event is what spirit is speaking about.

  12. I looked up the word “Mon” and it is a Japanese emblem used to decorate or identify a family. MON also identifies The Monsanto Co on the NYSE. The family reference got me thinking of the following article about Osama Bin Laden’s son vowing revenge to the US and its allies Not sure if this correlates to the above prediction. Just trying to think outside the box.

    1. I’m sure this is silly but the word “Mon” reminds me of this story my husband told me about the time he worked for a hat shop in a place called “the Pier”. There was a man by the name of Nigel who worked shining shoes and people would ask him “Nigel, where are you from?” and Rob would tell me, Nigel would say “I’m from earth mon”.

  13. Hi Eric I hope i wasnt misunderstood of course we dont expect spirit to learn english and they use energy its a vibrational imprint as you say through visual and emotion etc..and as i stated the channels lexicon does the rest ..if the person speaks fench the channel is in french and so on…if the channel has a few foreign words im inclined to think
    they t may pop un depends in the channels……This is simply what i have gleened and as we said many times the spirits and the channel are unique to each other and yes many make the mistake of putting human form into spirit ..but all are learning and we are at different points of experience on our paths .but if a buddy is cimfortable imagining theur guides and spirit un human firm um sure spirit dint mind..
    The facts are the facts they dint have tongues but have huge hearts fulk of love…Im in no way disagreeing with you .Why would I? just wanted you to know I am aware they are pure energy …but new cimers to spirit may not..
    peace and blessings

    1. Oh no I am sorry its wasn’t directed towards you at all but the thread. If you read through all the comments several people sarcastically ask about what language do the Spirits use. I should have clarified my comment was directed towards the thread of all comments. Sorry.

      1. Eric thank you for taking time to clarify …that’s very appreciated …
        I understand now ..Hi to spirit and blessings to you..

    2. I trust I am not included in the ‘several people’ being ‘sarcastic’, though i suspect I am. It was a genuine query and I wondered at the time why I got a slightly acidic tone in reply. I don’t know why people misread the intent of my posts here, it doesn’t seem to happen on other sites.

  14. star 48 Eric Swc my guides played C ‘est se Bon twice 24 hrs apart then my granson asked when he came to visit if i knew what RSVP meant in French .
    thats 3 flags
    There is a resaurant Se’bon
    62 Rue d’Orsel 75018 paris France
    Eiffel Tower
    Champ de mars Avenue Antole France
    they are only 5 miles apart ..not saying restaurant is target but proximity to Tower maybe flag for location.
    thank you..blessing to France and citizens

  15. Eric, SWC,
    part of the wave of attacks in European?
    Photo fire expanding to cars..
    Photo: Fire spreads to cars in Saint-Gilles, Brussels; emergency crews on scene – @atlistannard

  16. Eric, SWC
    photo of aftermath..still no official explanation.
    Photo: Vehicles burned after explosion, fire in Saint-Gilles, Brussels; cause of explosion still not known – @DuarteLevy

  17. Swc Eric just a reminder as Twiceblessed noted is Bastille day in France 14-7-16…praying its peaceful and free to celebrate in joy..

    1. Rhona, Amen,
      I will get really P…O.. If something happens on Bastille is a important date for me..the spiders already ruined another important date in my family.,in NY attack..

      1. Let me be the second Star48. Happy Birthday and may it be a wonderful one with many more to come! 🎂🌟🐣🙏🏻. Blessings & Hugs

  18. Star 48
    hope your memories and tender feelings for this day stay wholsome and untainted …Amen …

    1. Rhona, thank you. it only comes once a yr..🎂haha..and wonderful ,warm memories
      Yr the first to wish me a great day..Blessings.

    1. That’s wonderful news Star48. And it states that French Intelligence was alerted to the alleged plot by a Brazilian national. Everyday people making a difference in the world. Great news, thank you. Have a great day.

  19. Eric, SWC,
    Nice, France. Chaos. Truck drives into festivities..people down, gunshots?
    See.Video: Crowd runs from scene of incident in Nice, France; witnesses report truck crashed into crowd celebrating Bastille Day – @harp_detectives

  20. Eric, SWC
    update in Nice..,France
    People asked to shelter in place…
    Regional officials ask people to stay inside after incident in Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France – @itele

  21. Eric, SWC,
    due to the Chaos, confirmation of gunshots has NOT been confirmed.
    Fireworks had been going off…Will monitor and report if reports confirm..

    1. Thank You for all of the updates Star48. Am watching now. Praying for everyone’s safety and well being there. Praying for loved ones and family members of those killed or harmed. Praying for you on your birthday Star48. 😔🙏🏻

  22. Eric, SWC,
    Correction..title of official…
    Nice, France, official reports fatalities after truck crashes into crowd during Bastille Day celebrations – @cestrosi [Corrects city official’s title]

      1. Eric,
        waiting to get more info.
        .I just remembered about diversion! Will keep you up to the minute…

      2. Eric,
        Truck near Eiffel Tower… Prefect of Police..
        Police in Paris say fireworks aboard a truck has ignited near the Eiffel Tower; people urged to avoid the area – @prefpolice

  23. Eric,
    Paris update..still monitoring.,
    remember chaos of information applies.

    Prefect of police Paris, upset at rumors..
    Sends this notice out..
    Paris police say fire near Eiffel Tower is accidental truck fire; officials ask people not to spread rumors – @PrefPolice

      1. My thoughts also. I don’t want to come across as unfeeling of what has happened but Spirit pointed this out numerous times and so I hope the authorities and people will heed their warning. Please people of France “Protect the Lou (Louvre)”. Praying for France.

  24. Eric, SWC,
    Minister of Interior comment regarding Nice..

    French Minister of Interior: No hostage situation after truck drives into crowd in Nice, France – @Place_Beauvau
    *******Side note number of dead is climbing…

  25. Eric,SWC,
    some pictures and video… Report –Grenades and guns found in truck…
    Trying to determine “which” truck! Nice or Paris..
    You cannot imagine confusion.,the press tagging it as the Bastille Day Massacre.
    Helicopters are overhead.,police are trying to determine if 2nd perp was involved.
    If the driver acted alone…still monitoring..
    Sky news is at the scene.,live broadcast going on.,

  26. Star 48 Swc Eric …Just saw the news as i woke oh my …so sory France …
    Its hit me hard as my husband and i had a conversation about C est si Bon ..the song my guides gave as i was looking for location researched it was written Henri Betti 1947 as walking Avenue Medicin
    I was urged to put Nice and I didnt ..but I thought it too removed …
    This is a hard lesson fir me im vexed praying for Nice and families …so sorry
    Im not upset for me im upset for them ..I hate this so much ..i have to say it….so many luves innocent lives …

    1. Rhona,
      beating yourself up….
      is not what you should do..!-( you are not timid anymore!)
      -this is for the long haul..
      We should pray for the victims…and continue our unique journey..
      Do not get frustrated..lessons ( the mirror is in my hand) are learned for me the hard way sometimes…but we grow…and get better.,
      We ( SWC) are all working together..we ( SWC)will be more effective…by being resolute.-
      You and many (SWC)are a valuable resources…SWC will make a differance if not today…than tomorrow..

    2. Rhona don’t be to hard on yourself. I have done the same, as have others. You contribute so much already in heart, mind and soul even without the messages given by your Guide. Those of us in the light will overcome those who choose to live in the dark. Rest assured. Blessings & Hugs to You

    3. I feel your pain.I know it well. But i truly believe with each prediction we have an opportunity to improve our craft. We will crush the tragedy of tomorrow as a group serving these divine Spirits. With every bone in my body i have faith that together the future is ours to change.

  27. “Paris attack… dualing situations”. I noticed when I was looking for parks near the Louvre, a Q-Park came up. It is a parking lot or parking garage. I wonder if “mon” could be referencing the Mona Lisa? I thought it might mean “my” but I did some research and the painting was stolen 8/21/1911 or almost 105 years ago. She might be the most famous lady in France. I am horrified by these vicious attacks on all the world. I am glad to have found your site Eric and am able to be part of this dialog and I am so encouraged instead of feeling helpless because I know that we are all trying very hard to understand these messages so we can be of help.

  28. Star 48 your words are so true …even my mother came through and said ” Remember our time in Nice ” i was only a child of 6 but i do rememer..I will take this on board as a tibute to the lives list and take it to my heart as a valued lesson …im on my own at the moment daughter and granson are coming to take me ti Hemo appointment the joy of having them will be special today ..lots of appreciation and love
    Thank you Star you have helped reinforce my own thoughts .

  29. Eric,
    I did some reflecting..and I believe there will be a copycat or an attack in Paris..
    Tomorrow .
    Isis will do more….if not tomorrow, this weekend.
    .I am not going to be timid..myself..(so this is my opinion.)

      1. Eric, I am too…
        Eric/—spirit has been very emphatic about it..
        the attack in Paris, the diversion.–the Lou.

        I just did some work and I asked -if anything would happen in Paris..
        Confirmed..I asked if it was tomorrow confirmed..
        So I am giving the benefit of the doubt -48 hrs..
        I think we will know shortly., I hope I am wrong.,

  30. This is very sad indeed. Eric is right, were are learning and improving our interpretations. In the future we will better understand if the Eiffel Tower means Eiffel Tower, Paris or France in general. We will pay attention to deals that we dismissed before or put out a hunch, not worrying if it is wrong, because it may in fact be correct. My risk was suggesting Bastille Day. But I also suggested the World Cup Soccer. For Eric, often the risk is stating a country or a place amongst a host of other risks. We don’t give up and we learn. Will we every know if something has changed because of Eric’s efforts? Maybe not, but it worth the effort.
    Thank You Eric and everyone who has tried to make a positive difference.
    May the people in France be comforted and feel loved. If there is a planned attack on the Lou or some place related that we have yet to figure out, may it be stopped in time.

  31. Eric have shared yours and the teams tears today..but yes i too believe as you said fel it in y bones that we will succeed in our mission can we fail its a given pirit has made it clear .thamk you for your words they helped me get through today knowing you have been through this many times bless you ..
    my daugter wose name is French both first and middle meaning Darling child of god brought pespective and support this day.she carries a light that others always comment on was a blessing today so we had prayers and love for France together …i wil nit make this mistake again they even gave me in my notes Prom Des Anglais …It just makes us more determined onward and upward SWC move out te way darkness comes the light …..
    France we are with you .xx

    1. Rhona I am so glad you were able to spend the day with your family who surrounded you with love and encouragement. I hope you recieved my heartfelt words of encouragement yesterday, as I am afraid some of my replies are not going through. Don’t be to hard on yourself. You are a child of the light and are already making a huge difference at keeping the darkness at bay. You are right when you say the darkness will not win. Those of us in the light are to many. It’s days are numbered. Blessings and Hugs ❤️

  32. It’s Mona Lisa’s painting….protect it! Lou museum. Please send the military to protect the museum. It’s possible next target.

    1. Mona Lisa painting needs to be in a secret safe place. Will there be a bomb? Hope not. Mona Lisa is a lady and fits in Lou. Highly attracted in 2014 with 80% people visited to see that painting. Praying it will be protect.

  33. Star 48 thank you for your words i will take them to my heart and transmute them to live for the victims families ..on our news today they repirted the truck was used for the stadium at Euro for some purpise not sure ..i like you believe there is more I hope the Basilique is safe only because i thought maybe Moulin may be Mon Sacre Coeur only being 3 miles from there …I too concern for The Lourve but thought maybe that was the flooding weeks ago..
    I intend to ask my guides again for more
    stay safe

  34. Eric/SWC…It was noted on the news, CNN this am that there were “boos” for France’s President Francois Hollande as his motorcade drove through the street in Nice. I heard them and thought, hey they are booing him. Immediately thought of this prediction. Looked it up and it seems the people are blaming him somewhat for the three major attacks within 18 months. Praying for France. I feel there will be more and hope they are protecting the Louvre among all of the people there. I don’t think it is finished and feel that we can still make a difference with the upcoming predictions Spirit has given us. Spirit put so much focus on the Louvre, there must be a reason. Everyone stay safe and keep a vigilant watch.

      1. I haven’t been able to find anything in writing on CNN but they just reiterated on the news that there are “mixed feelings” and someone even called out “murderer”as his motorcade drove by today. I mostly find things right now on personal blogs which I am unsure about so don’t want to add the links. I am seeing a lot of talk about his economy minister, Emanuel Macron running against him. I will keep looking. Perhaps someone who is French has some info. Here is a link on that.

  35. Eric SWC ” two duelling situations” there is a park in Paris Boise de Boulogne where in was common to settle code matters by duelling ..just a thought ..

  36. Eric Swc Boise de Bougne also sits aling two track for horse racing Hippodrome Longchamp and stadium (french open )Auteaul Hippodrome ..i think i spelt that wrong..

  37. Jules 104 thank you so much ..i only saw your most recent post and agree Hollande is under scrutiny and unfavourable opinion.. yes The Lourve ..i only thought of flooding but it seems more urgent in.the message…
    yeah little elvis was eith her and they eent hospital when i had my check.up with hemo and he bought me a little metalic owl with his pocket money ..mind you he eas re embursed when he had some bougut for him.from nans pocket money at the hops later

    1. Rhona I’m not sure what happened. It may have been I didn’t click “send”? Anyway, I pray your tests all come out excellent and you are feeling wonderfully well. That grandson of yours sounds like such a sweet little boy wise beyond his years and knows just what his Nan needs. I bet that was the best medicine ever just being with your loved ones. Praying for good results.

      1. Yes Jules 104 all is well and Hemo signed me off just have till october to continue with meds till stent inbeds ..then i will just be on low dose asprin ..though they say that just precaution ..thanks for asking ..coulnt sleep till 4 in the morning last night but fell fine

      2. Rhona, so happy! Great News…
        . 🙏🏻(Jules I hope you do not mind me jumping in here..there is no reply bix on Rhona comment to you..)

        Just as I saw Your reply to Jules104, a firecracker went off!

        Thought I would share a song…I found for you! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

        Glad all is well and you are “Home”

        1. No worries Star48. Love that song you added for Rhona. Rhona I imagine you fluttering around your house singing “lalala lala la…oh it’s good to be back home again…” 😊💃🏼

  38. There is also Rolland Garross Stadium and Sportif the above mispelling should read Aureuil Hippodrome …

  39. SWC,
    put coup in progress on differant thread..
    Bridges to country controlled by army , Also TV control, Ankara center army has control over airport, also helicopters firing ,tanks, Army in many cities not just capital. Taken hostages
    Anadolu News Agency: Turkey’s top military commander, General Hulusi Akar, reportedly being held against his will – @aylajean

      1. Jules104, I agree..
        I am also worried about innocent civilians as well as what bloodbaths can happen…already a huge explosion near TV station and I believe near Cadet yes, a mess..I will go back an read Turkey posts..catch you later.🖖🏼

        1. What’s going on? Pretty sure I did not write that was not there when I sent. Those weird letters. You have some to. Did you write those letters Star48? Was that a funny? Just curious. Hmm.. On another note…watching that bridge they keep showing on CNN on Turkey. Got a bad feeling. Yikes

        2. Yes civilians and possible bloodbaths. My daughter just mentioned that. She’s already so tired of watching all this senseless killing throughout the world as am I. I’ve been hearing lots of gunfire every so often. I think that’s the Bosphorous Bridge(s)? Lots of people out on the streets. I want to say…”Go home, stay safe!” Oh my! Ticket says “President Erdogan urges people to demonstrate.” I say stay home for the moment.

          1. Jules104, Erodgen tactics…
            he wants to throw civilians. ” the people under the bus”
            He is at a Seperate location..he wants to control events…if you were a responsible leader would you call for the populace to put themselves in harms way? Obviously he is not in control..
            It is going to be a long….situation..
            I am interested in your reading of the reference..if you see what I do?

            1. “If you see what I do?” In what way is that being used Star48? If a question I’d say that you would feel differently if you could see what the other sees or does. Or no question then perhaps you will know what it is you should know when you see it. Perhaps those are one in the same. It could be an aggressive, threatening statement depending…or totally the opposite and more of a put yourself in my shoes, emotional statement. Hmm…interesting.

              1. Jules104,
                not what I meant at all. It was about Erodgan..hidden corruption,etc.
                No hidden innuendos, no aggressive stance..intended…

                Strictly a comment about the assassination from the reference
                ..about sneaking up on a sleeping leader in the dark!

                I am sorry if you took offense…please forgive me..that was not my intent..

                No excuse…should have been more specific.,and will try to be going forward..( I am not perfect)

                1. Oh no offense taken. I was thinking the reference was “If you see what I do?” As if you heard or read that somewhere. Silly me Star48. Not you. Hahaha. No worries. I totally misread the question but never thought you were asking anything bad. Yikes now I feel bad that you feel bad. 🙂🙃😳. But okay yes I think there is something fishy going on with him. And yes I definetly got the feeling of “please go out and put yourselves in harms way for me while I hang out here where it’s safe!” Say what?

                2. Star48, did you get my last email? No need for apologies. I did not take it as anything but a simple question. I can’t even imagine that you would ever say anything inappropriate towards anyone. It seems you are right on the old prediction though. Please let me know all is well. I feel very bad you think I was even thinking you’d behaved badly. No way Star48. You are the Star in 48! Blessings 🙏🏻

                  1. Jules104,
                    my email is lagging behind again..
                    did not get new post from site my box!
                    Just got it on something is going on…will try working out what it is tomorrow..
                    Will do back ups and hopefully reinstall some apps..yuck..

                    Side note…we are fine…it has been a up and down week.for me..

                    but everything is pretty funny actually…somethings are so bad I am laughing….
                    From ” you got to be kidding me category” hahaha.. Onward and upward…

                    1. Star48…oh great glad you atleast got it. I hope you don’t have to many issues on your PC. I am pretty much a techno dino when it comes to most PC stuff. I’ve definetly improved over the years though. I do know back ups take a long time. Wow I hope everything is okay with you…it’s so bad you are laughing? Ugh I have had those days. Like yes, are you kidding? I will be praying for you to be surrounded by light, love and positive energy only. Hugs Star48🤗

            2. Wait are we on the same page Star48? If in reference to Erdogan. Yes throwing under the bus going on for sure. Hmm, more input is needed. lol

  40. Jules104,
    have no idea! I did not write those letters…something is definitely weird!
    Makes me uncomfortable …just had my link with Breaking News do something strange..
    Connection severed? Interrupted? They asked for link..confirmation…I may have to start fresh..
    If it has been (tampered) changed? Another issue…ugh..
    Somebody else? Can you sign with breaking news..just in case?

    Found this reference….thought provoking..

    1. I signed in fine with breaking news on CNN. Is that what you were asking? Do you think it could be an “electrical” issue. lol. I hope your computer has not been compromised. Perhaps just everything going on around the world and live feeds? Let me know. It hasn’t done it again yet. That old post prediction would fit perfectly so far. Let us how there is no assassination attempt. Though Erics present post has been speaking on the matter correct?

      1. Jules104, I meant
        It also gives you local updates near you..( wherever you are)
        Regarding the assassination attempt…the way spirit mentioned it..
        Could happen..
        We do not know how this is going to shake out…let’s wait and see.

  41. Star 48 Jules love it love it love it …she looks like me lalalalala actually like my daughter long blonde hair like that too..
    Dancing in the moonlight ..singing in the rain ..Oh it is good to be back home again …That was wonderful thank you so much … happy …oh Star i nearly forgot …
    Remember count coup? I went loiking for a coup stick everywhere to put my feathers on ..could not find one ..we have some crows that live in our trees ..any way ine flew down with alk these sticks big ones and we laughed and said what kind of women are yiu building a nest with those big sticks for..he flew off with a couple day im walking the lawn checking out my new daisies and there it was a coup sick 3.5 ft long and the perfect shape was on the ground where the crow gad been wrestling with the other sticks i have my coup stick and it was delivered ..yeah thought you guys might like that update..

    1. Rhona,
      I am glad you like it..I had hoped to give you something that was joyful..
      I am so happy for you.
      your ” feathered messenger” brought a coup stick! Wow…

      Jules104, soon you will receive a gift too
      I got my Eagle a Feather..Rhona her coup stick, you are next!
      Your prayers of energy and light are working.,blessings to you and Rhona my joy is unlimited for ..Blessings
      ( I wonder if other SWC’s will get feathered delivered objects? A spirit flag.?)

    2. Wow I love that coup stick story Rhona. 3.5 feet long! (I actually had to look that up also. I learn so much from You and Star48.) That is a wonderful idea. And your stick was delivered right to you in your yard! What a gift. Blessings.

  42. Star 48 Jules 104 I think Star is onto it Yeah …Jules simething wilk wing its way to you soon …
    I would live to know if any other Swc have had feathered flags from spirit or a blessing ..yeah Mary …Mari Luna tic..twiceblessed ..Dawn ..Popi…any one with a story of spirits gifts
    Im happy your happy Star I feel we are turning the corner as a team and the energy is really coming together ..Just sharing our light and prayers is increasing the energy on site and is reason enough to celebrate in joy to raise it even more …
    Blessings all

    1. Thank You Rhona…I sure hope so. ( I keep laughing because I’m imagining a big poop on the head! And me saying Hey now….that’s not what I had in mind. lol). Just me being funny giving myself a laugh..though really I’d be interested in any other feathered friends gifts sent to SWC. I think Stars onto something. Blessings

      1. Jules104,
        what a visual! Hahaha..not that kind of sign..
        And that was the first thing that popped into your head..oh…
        .I think I will have to find a song for you too.. It may take me awhile..I will pop it on you..

        1. Yes there’s something wrong when that’s your first visual right? lol. Well I’m hoping and praying it’s better than that for sure Star48. But it did give me a good laugh at the time. Looking forward to my song. 🙏🏻☺️

  43. jules 104 May the Blue bird of happiness make you wash your hair hahaha your so funny Jules ..yeah star a song for Jules would be great ..its Little Elvis’s 6 th birhday today ..just 3 days after yours star…so im partying today yay…
    Have a goid night you two and all SWC stay safe

  44. Eric, SWC,
    incident in the place de la Monnaie….Ref Mon?
    (” Student with wires, checking radiation?)

    Police in Brussels secure area, establish perimeter on the Place de la Monnaie; no indication of cause – LeSoir

  45. star 48 Eric Swc …5 flags have come through in last 24 hrs
    (1) Notre Dame garden / parc..was flagged when i reread prediction and noticed Dame for lady in french translation
    (2) Paris by Magic Man
    (3 C’ Est Si bonby Dean Marin ..for goodness sake
    (4)Plaisir D’ Amour by Nana Mouskouri
    (5) Je T’ aime
    The last one Star came through as random u tube by the singer
    The last 3 came in quick sucsession

    I add intutively Sunday 25th of July
    Star remember time shifting seriously i have been walking in Sunday all day even though my awareness nrw it was Thursday..its been constant all day ..i have never gone 3 days ahead

    1. Rhona,
      Okay..Sunday…25 th Paris attack…
      the time shift is a great gift! Do not freak out!
      You will go back and forth at odd times until it unfoldeds…
      You are exhibiting a great experience….I understand your feelings .you have progressed…
      It is disconcerting…
      Can you feel or pickup anything that could add to the flags? Something that you ” are feeling”
      A hunch will you are in ” Sunday?” Spirit is giving you a window…

    2. Rhona I was about to comment that I remember there being a date of 24th from Erics Spirits somewhere but they can be off a day…went to look at the calendar and see Sunday is July 24th not the 25th. I’m not sure what all that means but it seems important. I was wondering where you were Rhona and now I know…you were in a time shift. Five flags, we had better really pay attention. I hope France is being vigilant.

  46. Swc that date should read Sunday 24th july 2016….
    France Paris my thougyts live and light are with you..

  47. Jules 104 thanks for picking the date up but i.had already corrected myself its a post just under yours may not have seen if you hit reply box it would have shoved it down …i thought as i typed Eric may have mentioned 24 th ..
    It was an odd feeling but easy to deal.with just kept my cool at ine point i thought i no im forgeting but then i thought how can i be when i know its thursday but its also sunday to me then i tested my self out and went through all the birthdays anniverdaries etc yep im good i thought ….lol….
    I did notice it required a check on emotins and thoughts…
    Star 48 the days tone was aggression .I was alone through the day but I had best put it in context
    boiled the kettle with cleaning tab in it and didnt shut the lid ..water all over benches cupboards floor required alot if rinsing because of descaling tab..i got annoyed and air was blue
    top wouldnt come off med bottle ( chid prof press down and screw ti open ) yeah sure…i got agressive with it air was blue…garage doir playing up again ..yep i got agressive
    dishwaher tab didnt disolve ..residue all over dishes yep more cussing from me
    normally i would crack myself up laughing si i not sure if agression is a flag or i was just out of sirts with time shift..
    Learning curve next time i will meditate and see what i get…

    1. Rhona,
      When I had a first experience..years ago, I was actually driving, plus focused having just missed a friend by moments and was thinking on my teasing conversation I would have with them the next day. That’s when I had the body and mind where completely focused on other things..!
      That is when the window opened…
      The emotions..just a flag.,
      Say yellow to singer…blessings…if you want to ask or talk more..ask Eric, for my contact info..
      He has it –I give permission for him to give it to you… Only…Blessings..

    2. That’s so neat Rhona. Congratulations is in order…I think? The aggression doesn’t sound like fun but it sounds as though Star is saying its a flag. So does that mean it’s a sign to make you aware you are in a time shift then? I’ve never had that experience before so all new to me. It sounds interesting though and maybe a little of not really knowing what to expect when it happens I’d think. I am glad that you have Star48 to help you on your journey, there must be peace in knowing there will be a kindred spirit there to answer any questions and help you along as you “travel”. Chuckling as I say that. 😉 I can’t wait to hear more from your journeys. The whole Sunday but Thursday time period is a wow for me. I hope you are back to laughing again and next timeshift things will be seen to be much funnier. Blessings & Hugs

  48. Star 48 i woke this morning to your kind supportive offer …thank you so much ..i will take you up on that….
    Blessings talk soon

  49. Eric Star 48 Julules 104 Swc
    There is another Mon relating to Paris I am not sure if anyone has mentioned if so apoligies for repeating
    L Monde newspapers
    Boulevard Aquire Blanqui Paris
    It could relate to ” it missed the journalist last week”
    It is located 0.449 mls from Notre Dame.. And 4 miles frim Eiffel Tower…I will look up distance to Lourve..

  50. Swc I checked out the distance and if you start at La Monde newspapers and travel nw up Boulevarde Auquire Blanqui to the Lourve it is a mere 1.157 miles now if there is a distractiin at the newspapers it leaves the Lourve wide open …i hope not ..

    1. Rhona that makes a lot of sense. I wonder if Eric could ask the Spirits about the newspaper La Monde and if that’s the Mon and if it’s the possible “distraction”?

  51. Jules 104 it also seems to tie in with ” Newspaper falling to the ground”
    I hope lime Parisians are reading this and take head to contact the authorities …
    Blessings to you Jules

    1. Yes the journalist, the newspaper and the fact that sisters don’t seem to care for anyone who speaks out publicly against them. Well that would cover a lot of people but… Will be praying for France’s vigilance and that higher ups/authorities are reading Erics blog site.
      Also I replied to timeshift, I hope you recieved though a bit late in the day. Sounds wonderful though I hope much more fun next journey.

  52. Jules 104 it will be fantastic to have Star 48 to run it by ..As a family we have experienced minor time shifts as a collective and heard people talking and arriving a half hour before the actually get there …even to the point of opening the doir to let them in only to find they are not there ..but arrive latter..its not scary or diconcerting because it seems so real and we just laugh it off …this has been going on for years in my family even as a child it would happen to my parents so im used to that ..
    But a whole day with one foit in one day and the other in another is going to require practice and flow ..going with the flow hund sight alk thise things happening yesturday are quite funny and the garage door is just out of control up diwn up down ..yeh i will open oh no i dont want to now …they will be back to repair again..

    1. Oh that is interesting and yes a bit funny. My family and I have only experienced things between ourselves such as contacting each other at the same exact time or just knowing when something is amiss with the other though we live miles apart. It’s actually hilarious when you pick up the phone go to dial and get confused about who’s called who because you’ve done it at the same time. We use to not even have to finish our sentences to one another or even speak but knew what it was we were saying. It really confused the people we were with but we didn’t even notice we did it. I wish I had more time to dedicate to meditation, it’s probably exactly what I need right now. Soon though soon. I just have to help my daughter get through this rough time she’s going through with the grandbabies and another who doesn’t have their best interest at heart but likely just the opposite. It’s hard to not have negative thoughts and feelings. But this to will pass I’m sure. And just having a reading with Eric and Spirits helps to reaffirm she is moving in the right direction with lots of good karma coming for my daughter. Can’t say the same for the other, in fact I’d not like to be in their shoes for sure! Now I know I shouldn’t be smiling but…oh my one should not mess with a grandma a momma and their children if you know what I mean. Argh! Laughing again. Oh I feel better already Rhona. I’ve been doing a lot of praying to the Archangels, Michael in particular. Can they just take that sword and knock them down with it? Hmm…Maybe Star will let me know if that’s the right one. Oh my, my, my. Sorry for the long windedness.

  53. Jules 104 im smiling with you .yes it is arc anel Michael and yoy can ask him ti sever any negatuve ties or attachments that exist ..It works and can be done with love in your heart when you ask …
    Yes Star has a prayer to Michael i think just ask …I will put sime extra prayers your way fir this Jules ..Im happy your daughter is ciming up for better times it is perfectly normal as you say ..yep dint mess with a grandmom and mommy ..its instinct ..I m laughing at your stiry abiut phine calls and finishing each ithers sentances our inlaws toik a ling time to adjust to that too..we really are the same in so many ways Jules
    hugs and a wish for better times as Eric has given during a reading ..ine day i will have one but its nit easy we dont do credit or debit cards .oh well one day..
    Good luck and blessings to you and yours

    1. Thank You Rhona. I feel better already. Yes I think we are alike in many ways. Funny. Glad to have found You and Star and SWC and Eric and Spirits wonderful site. Please do say extra prayers for me and mine. I will ask Star48 for his prayers to and his Archangel prayer. I think I remember him putting it on a while back. Need to keep the negative energy at bay for sure. So glad I live in the Light. Blessings and Prayers.

    1. Star 104 hi …its you …how did you fair with the storm….been keeping up with your weather and a tornado touched down Grand Coulee and Airway Hieghts… that not far from you is it?
      just a side note it is 11.11 as a first came across your recent post ..we have nbeen concerned so a wink from universe 11.11 ….star I emailed Eric but it got a little confusing for him …i clarfied my request and i am waiting to hear back
      thank you again for offering for me to be able to contact you ..makes me joyful….
      Thanks for news on Normandy ..poor France and there is more to come
      stay safe hope you all recover speedily from your storm

      1. Rhona,
        I was okay in storm..
        have been having difficulties with Data issues and other issues.- had to go out and buy my own satellite dish! I will can tell you —it is still not resolved..
        it is so egregious I am going to drive over 80 miles just to get it resolved? Today…
        .keep your fingers crossed..I will say ;my stating the issues working between two companies operational mistakes is mind numbing…long.

        I am still not able to do 100%.. And still trying to catch up..
        Will let you know later today..
        Side note..Philippines had 5.2 EQ..will post comment on that thread.

        1. Star48…hope you don’t mind Rhona…yes worried but so glad you are back now! Gosh I really dislike that you are having all these issues with data, companies, etc and have to drive 80 miles today and had to buy your own satellite dish! Sheesh. I guess they thought you’d sit back and take it…hmm… Well glad the storm didn’t affect you to badly. Be careful driving today and stay safe. Blessings.

  54. Star 48 dont drive 80 miles your money ..just climb up that pine tree..
    happy the storm was not a pain for you …but why do these companies have to make it so darn hard ..lots of communication shimozzles going on right now especially electric our control box for garage needs replaced signals are getting interfered with got up 2 morning ago and door had opened itself during night …drive safe …your going to have the best lookin dish in town and it will work too..sorry its been a hassle for you smoother sailing after this

  55. Star 48 Eric most graciously said if you sent him an Email with your contact info he will.forward to me ..This is a once of and understandably cannot be repeated ..for anyine elses details and would haveto be done direcly …

    Eric thank you Star will be helping me through some spiritual changes he has experienced iam grateful…

    1. Thanks Rhona. Really fascinating stuff. I see what you mean about the whole area right there though. The planet is going through so many changes its amazing and a bit frightening all at the same time. Glad you are a bit inland. Blessings.

      1. jules 104 perth is a coastal city and it is giid we are thousand klm from the main action up there with the plate tectonics …I actually live right on the coast north of Perth about 45klm from city a half hr drive on freeway..ll my children bar one sea the ocean from their homes but its highly unlikely we are in harms way ..but i am concerned for our more far north coastal towns ..Broome Derby Karratha and Darwin close to indonesia..nd who wants another 2004 tsunami as i said once before i flew over the area in january 2005 and was gutted to see a birds eye view of the devastation..
        sleep well

    2. Rhona (I’m replying here as the other has no reply box.) I’m glad you and your family are out of harms way. Wow I would not want to have seen that devastation from the air. I’m sure that has always stayed with you. I agree we do not need another one of those. That is what’s most frustrating I think, when you read the natural disaster predictions and feel helpless to do anything about them. I don’t know how Eric does it all of the time. But then I remember the bigger picture is to warn others so that they can do what needs to be done to protect themselves and their loved ones. Try to change the outcome and help humanity. I do feel that there are to many that realisticly have no options other than stay in harms way and really feel for them. I just hope and pray that there are only small swarms of EQs and nothing bigger, calm waters. 🙏🏻 Blessings

      1. Jukes 104 iff earthquakes for a moment
        I feel I need to mention this
        Remember how Louisiana kept popping up with Swc posts when we talk about the (protect the Lou) …Well the singer brought in Louisiana again and I asked ..”play something french if your implying Lousiana for us is ref for Lourve…”
        I also stated it must be by nightfall..
        It did play at 5.00pm circa…
        Se La Vie..

        just thought I should add as im sure the Lourve is still at risk …
        Im also concerned now Prince William ..Kate and Prince George are now in France on vacation…Prayers and light if protectiin for them to be kept from harm …

        1. Rhona I had just noticed the 5.4 in the Indian Ocean and thought of you when you commented. I had to search and look up the Royals holiday. It said in the Pau Pyrenees on the border of Spain. So France. That’s a bit disturbing. I pray that it’s not little George. Yes send light energy to surround him and their entire family. I hope they stay away from the Louvre to! Maybe kids just to small wouldn’t enjoy it anyway to much. So Louisianna is the Louvre. I will try and go back to see what all was said about Louisiana here on the site also. Just a thought…I know Kate’s not a leader like a president or such but the post with “get her back in the car, protect her”, or close to that comes to mind now. Will search that one out also. See if there are any ties. Hope and Pray not. Also, Sending prayers for calm seas your way. 🙏🏻😇

    1. I hope they find that guy. It said he’s one of the church killers, I assume of the 85 year old Priest. That’s despicable.

  56. Eric, SWC,
    events still being affected..

    Promenade de la Croisette fireworks celebration in Cannes, France, scheduled for Monday delayed a day due to security issue raised by Interior Ministry, town says – France Info

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