Predictions on 12-15-15

I had a visual of the word “Canada” in Red.

I had a visual of several people scrambling in different directions, a visual of a cross on a roof as if showing a church, a visual of a girl.

Spirit circled central Canada, somewhere between Ontario and Manitoba. Then they wrote “for 24”

Then there was pitch black darkness. I could hear popping noise, bullets flying, and what has to be an explosion.

“We will not show you this horror Eric.. Canada has a threat coming.. Soon.. Soon.”

They briefly mention gas explosives being used?

“The US will be attacked in approximately  8 weeks” (Mid February?)

Its unclear if they are talking about New York or something different.

Recently they mentioned the word “Bridge” again.

I had a visual of tensions rising between Russia and the West. They showed people with passports being bullied. They showed nations cutting off Russia, including imports and exports and Russia cutting them off as well. The walls between the nations became tense.

“Such childish responses to a serious situation.”

I had a visual of all the televisions going off?

I had a visual of mirror like glass being cracked, slowly at first, then multiple cracks, then small pieces falling off the mirror, then it really begin to crack.

“2016.. This is our breakout year!.. breakthrough.”


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  1. Have you seen the bomb hoax in California, I remember one of your recent posts talking about a backpack bomb. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  2. Eric, what do you think they meant by “breakout or Breakthrough”. Did this refer to terrorism, or more hopefully a medical discovery? As a Canadian this prediction makes me very sad. I work supporting refuges and so far we’ve had almost overwhelming support and encouragement but this might plant poison in Canadians’ minds.

    1. Oh no they are talking about us. Me. 2016 is the year when these predictions have a much larger spotlight on it. I already have a large crowd of followers but we have always made a point to sit in the back, behind the curtain, and allow people to find us, those days are ending. We about to break through and bring attention to this work we do.

    2. On another note I also believe the small pieces breaking off represent change, actual change that we create in these predictions. That would be awesome, the last part is all good news.

      1. Eric, you may want to update your Major Events Predictions section. You have (Sadly) had several more substantial predictions come about. Paris and the Russian airplane are two recent ones. It might bring more awareness to the work you do –

        1. It was updated recently, including Paris and Russian attacks. We are very cautious when it comes to saying ‘most accurate predictions’ on one end yes it clearly shows what we are trying to accomplish, but the other end we don’t want to offend a sensitive situation like the Paris attacks. So its very common for me to wait several weeks before adding it to the list so we don’t offend or hurt and already ugly situation. Thanks

  3. “For 24” might mean for 24 Sussex Drive, The Prime Minister’s residence, though Trudeau is in Rideau Cottage, this might be an important tidbit. Anti government perhaps.

      1. Hello Everyone! I normally don’t comment, but since I’m in Ontario I thought I would. Eric my thought was the date also, in my opinion it wouldn’t make much sense for The Prime Minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive to be a target, seeing he’s not there. I’ve recently been having quick visual flashes before falling asleep. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I had a quick visual of fire right in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t see what was behind it. Then on 12/9/15 you posted “COACHELLA, California — Holy prayers at a mosque here on Friday were canceled with families gawking behind fire lines after discovering the front of their holy house had become one big fireball.” Last night my vision was of the CN Tower in Toronto Ontario collapsing. I honestly don’t know if these visions mean anything or not, but I just thought I would post.

        1. Thanks for the info and visuals. Now that I look over the visions, I can’t help but notice that maybe the Church is a note towards the 24th mass.

  4. I’ve shared in Canada, I have lots of family in Ontario. Do you think spirit were implying the date of the 24th, is Christmas Eve?

    1. Christmas Eve, with a church full of Christian worshippers, would be a significant date if someone wanted to spread fear and hatred.

      1. Same here. On next door website in Dallas, there are a lot of argument over little things. Something affected our moods. Crazy lately since either before or after the blood moon.

        Praying for calm smooth seas. 🙂

    1. Popi, Thank you for this link… Iwill try it out over the Holidays on my Family! 😉

  5. Where there is darkness in the world, there is also light, you are one of those light, the lightest of lights. Just remember that. 🙏🙌🌟🌟

  6. The visual of the televisions going off is frightening … If you turn off the communications systems, the public goes into a panic.

    1. Lia,
      Sometimes I think its more frightening the ability we have through communication ,tv , internet,radio to hear all these bad news from around the world every day!
      Global disaster info that brings global fear and despair 😗 Who will be able to create a vision of a better world?
      Its very important to know that in order to register something good in the global consciousness it takes a huge amount of people visualizing this thing repeatedly!
      God bless all

      1. I totally agree – I stopped watching the news on TV – I used to watch it non-stop. I’ve become aware of the negative energies most shows project and have no longer desire to invest in fear. I guess if you are terrorists, taking down or controlling the media is the surest way to create fear. I tend to watch uplifting, light entertainment shows these days.

  7. I live not too far south of the Canadian/US border near both Manitoba and Ontario. I do not know why this sounds so familiar to me but when I first read this…it really seemed like an incident I had read about maybe earlier this year? Perhaps our Canadian friends could look into it. Was there an issue not too long ago with a young Native girl in that area? And something to do with 20+ other children and a church?
    Canada has done so much for all immigrants…I find it difficult to believe that any terrorist would make Canada a target….could this be some other type of issue?

  8. “Televisions going off”…. Could either be a “power grid” attack issue…or worse….an EMP….
    Eric, did you have any sense of how wide-spread this communication issue was?
    With all the world tensions….and now the agreement between Saudi Arabia and other nations to clamp down on terrorism….if the Saudis actively get involved with THEIR air force….well….the skies are already getting awfully crowded with competing forces in the Syrian areas….and…even a small nuke incident could cause an EMP.

  9. By the way…the anti-terror agreement between Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations VERY pointedly excluded Iran….(difference between the Sunni & Shia being stated as the reason) so…would expect more tension because of this agreement….not necessarily less.

  10. Eric, With reference to “gas” being mentioned…the Trans Canadian pipeline runs west to east and goes through all across Canada….and both Manitoba and Ontario just north of the U.S. Border.

  11. Your comment about gas explosives worries me. In Missouri a group of Muslims have bought over 60+ cell phones and a LOT of propane tanks. This will never make it to the main stream news, either.

    1. Approximate total of 60 each 20 gallon propane tanks were stolen from 3 separate outside tradein locations (these are wire metal enclosed cages) from a small town south of Kansas City, MO which is on the central west MO border.
      The 3 incidents occurred between the end of November and last week. Each tank holds approximately 4.1 gallons of propane….so far there is no indication of any particular party or parties who stole these.
      According to a friend who lives in MO, meth manufacturing is a big problem in the state.

      So…these could be used for that. Local authorities (right or wrong) have discounted any connection with the cell phone purchases which have been alleged to have been made by Muslim males (according to various reports including the Sheriff of Leclede County, MO.)

      1. Did the sheriff’s office say how they knew they were Muslim? It’s also interesting that it’s used in meth manufacturing. Thanks for the info!

  12. Do you think this post is directly related to the 12/16/14 post about the terrorist being in far north CA, the house burnt down, and the Spirits words of something like…I am not just going to walk away, I am going to take good care of her? Could this be the same “girl”? Maybe the terrorist come from whatever happens in Canada down to NY/NJ area? I’m with Anne about the Canadian Pipeline being a possible target. Wouldn’t that affect the US to some degree also?

    1. jules104….Definitely would affect the U.S. as well. All the natural gas pipelines seem to originate in far western Canada….some coming in from the far north to that point. While there are many that split off, most that affect the U.S. most of those seem to split before the MN western border. There is one split that comes into the far corner of NW Minnesota diagonally to the SE of MN. But that same MAIN line also continues through Manitoba and Ontario to points in far eastern Canada.

  13. Do you think the popping sound may be fireworks, with the threat taking place new years eve? Hope everyone stays safe

    1. Rhona, i also thought i had read this as an earlier prediction and tried to find on the site this evening – what stuck in my memory was the prediction of a tornado, which is unusual for us here in Australia as we normally have cyclones, so i was quite taken aback to hear there had actyally been a tornado go through sydney today!! And from memory, Sydney was also named as the location in the prediction?

  14. Some months ago I said in the comments section that my Spirit Guides told me in 2008 that ‘if we dont fight them over there, we’ll be fighting them over here’.

    I was thinking about that comment recently and the Guides said “I told you so..!’ They also added some additional information as to upcoming targets, but since I feel they may be symbolic locations I’ll say nothing more about that.

    -We had ISIS contained, but due to a certain person’s inaction, it has now metastasized into a crisis.

    1. Interesting comment, Chowdy. “Containment” is a reassuring word used in a positive manner to offset a negative condition. “Eradicated” would be the positive condition.
      And same with “inaction”….. It can also really be a negative form of action….

      And you are correct…the “we have no credible or specific threat” phrase just does not “cut it”. There is a wave of threats inundating this country…whether real or fake, they take the same toll…fear, use of resources….an unstable situation.

  15. “For 24”, I read something today that made me think this phrase might be related to the 24th of December. Sympathizers might chose this day to act as this year mohammads birthday falls on this date and is apparently the second celebration of it this year as they do not follow the Gregorean calendar. Could this mean “for mohammed”? This would be the third hit for us in Canada if it is deemed to be terrorist related.

    1. Even though its very possible to be ISIS related this attack might be just some mad man. I am unclear what 24 represents, but we will be asking for more details soon.

    2. Yes..good observation, Cheryl…..perhaps we should also be looking at the Julian calendar. Many Eastern religions still utilize it…imcluding eastern Christian rites.

  16. Eric, the British Mail reports today that ISIS has banned Television in it’s territory in Iraq and Syria.

    1. Cheryl M, I read the link information and agree….it is a concern. Realize that our general area (both U.S. and in Canada) is considered to be geologically stable. And for that reason, many of these old areas…and perhaps new ares of which we are unaware) are utlized as “storage facilities” after their initial purpose has been fulfilled.
      Just as one example…there is a small city on the NW border of WI on a major highway. While there, several times I noticed a tanker truck going thru very early in the morning (around 4 AM) and the truck was always escorted through by law enforcement. What these contained or their final destination, I do not know….but can imagine.

      The problem is three-fold: (1) there is a “habit” of conveniently forgetting storage facilities after they are full and containers can corrode over time (2) a “geologically stable” area is only that way until the first recorded incident, and (3) why do they always totally ignore the fact that these same areas are the source of an enormous percentage of fresh water?

  17. Merissa Smith thank you for your reply…yes i also remenber a tornado predictiin and im sure was Australia out of season i think was the discussion
    Sydney is a mess and alit of flooding
    sorry i couldnt reply directly under your cimment my phine just rolls and scrolls when i do it that way
    Hope you catch my reply..blessings

  18. I can’t believe that Putin said “Donald trump is an obsolute leader” in our country of US. What!? Donald Trump has no knowledge of political issue. He used to many “I” . It’s all about himself. From my perspective that Putin is hoping to have a US leader as “stupid” as doesn’t know what to do with our country and the world conflicts. Putin’s comments raised the red flag as concerned me as what he is up to from the back of his mind. It ain’t gonna happen and not to worry cuz Donald can run anywhere to speak in front of podium and doesn’t mean he will win election. If that the case, US will be history and no more president. Obama will be remember as the last president of the US, not Donald, the quaker.

    I tried to copy the link but my phone won’t let me. :/

    I’m just dismayed with Putin’s comment on Donald Duck. Sorry for my being rude. It’s crazy.

    1. Harvey….one thing. I have learned about Russians over the years…is they are very smart people, and cunning….and remember…one game at which many of them are proficient is Chess.
      My first reaction when I saw this article was “What is Putin’s purpose behind his comment?” “Why this move at this time?” Because a different article concurrently states that he says Putin sees and is seeking a more cooperative relationship with the U.S.
      The similarity of public personalities (Putin and Trump) is odd….all about “showmanship”.

      Not making light of anything….but the world situation today reminds me a little of that skit “Who’s on First?”

    2. Have to tell you something little funny. It may not be funny to a big fan of Donald Trump. I went to the Half Price Books store and noticed there is a book on the counter with the picture of Donald Trump selling his book called “Crippled America”. “What!? You called us the Crippled America?!” No, Donald, you got it backward. It’s “Crippled Donald Trump”. America is fine as just as any other country.” Boy, his mouth has full of negative energies. Stay away from D.T…..creepy and worst nightmare! Yikes… :/

  19. Reference 12-1-15 prediction of terrorist attack. Could the Louvre Pyramid in France be at stake? If so they need to protect the Mona Lisa. It is a painting known around the world. They need to protect it. (I don’t know why I’m writing this but feel I need to).

    1. I was reviewing some past predictions from others for 2015. One said danger around the Louvre. This predicition was giving at the beginning of 2015. Let’s hope all this awareness will change things – and these things don’t happen.

    1. Star48, I also saw that article….and a couple of others relating to it. A friend in MO lives not too far from there. The article I received from her said that the authorities did not consider it to be “a credible threat” for whatever reason.

      On the one hand, authorities tell us: “If you see something, say something.” Then they promptly say “there is no credible and specific threat”. So…with that reaction, how long will it take for people to say nothing even if they do see something?

      I have noticed the opposite type reporting in many situations lately….in fact…it is getting to be “the new normal”…..we get a report that says one thing; another report that says the opposite….disinformation at its finest.

      1. Yes, Anne
        , I too see the knive edge…report of potential threat than dismissal.
        (My opinion -they are stoking the public’s need for information and the political need to minimize any threat..
        ” They “are very aware -if reports are not allowed to be known
        When..something does happen. “They” can always say we responded to the information we had at the time..
        Authorities cannot be castigated for any failures.. It has already been discussed in many media outlets that you cannot stop lone wolves.. They are preparing us…( my opinion)

      2. I said today the exact sentiment; they’re preparing us. They refers to the USA media (TV). I don’t wish to be fearful. I like Eric’s ” breakthrough” statement for 2016.

        1. Lia, hi..
          By “breakthrough “your referring to Eric, and this site ( family)making the leap to being totally effective in its mission.,
          I remember spirit making changes to the floor..( foundation) also there reference to November being a timeframe when they mentioned ” transition” would begin.
          There was another..reference by spirit to this breakthrough..the image of the archer with the metal bow and arrows. Being acknowledged by others using bow and arrows of wood..
          2016 seems to be the…right timing…
          What do you think?

          1. November was the paris attacks, that prediction brought more attention to this work than any previous prediction before. But yes they are predicting our or ‘my’ breakout in 2016, we just have to see. It sounds like a new level of attention.

  20. They just had a report on the news that the had to put metal detectors in Walt Disney world and ban toy guns what is this world coming to but safe then sry right🙈

  21. Hey so I saw in a report today that Disney world put in metal detectors and they banned toy guns what is this world coming to so sad😳

      1. Eric, I understand.
        ..looking for the right symbol to World stock the threads..
        They do mirror fears and feeling ….
        I am happy that spirit reference is like the sea of illusion …than..and a positive symbol..

  22. 12 15 15 prediction. I believe it is the explosion of an e m p over Win ni peg at 9;39 am Feb 16th, 2016 or possibly on the 15th based on path of nor th Kor ea sat tel lite. Win ni peg is located half way between Man itoba and Ont ario. The pitch blackness and tv’s going out. Feb 16th is his pa pas birthday in nor th Kor ea but will be 15th here in the US. Why Canada, 1470 mile radius blast will scrape Mexican border and affect most of Canada. The sat ell ite could explo de creating an e m p and sending us back to the a grar ian age. Win ni peg has very impressive brid ge. Nor th Kor ea has stated they want to take us out in one shot. note I separated words to avoid their being able to search for awareness of the plan.

  23. Oh one more detail, the mirror cracking is the breakdown of society as time goes on post e m p explosion.

  24. Hi Eric, I didn’t know where to post this so I thought I would post here. In the beginning of this post you said “I had a visual of the word “Canada” in Red.

    I had a visual of several people scrambling in different directions, a visual of a cross on a roof as if showing a church, a visual of a girl.

    Spirit circled central Canada, somewhere between Ontario and Manitoba. Then they wrote “for 24”

    Then there was pitch black darkness. I could hear popping noise, bullets flying, and what has to be an explosion.

    “We will not show you this horror Eric.. Canada has a threat coming.. Soon.. Soon.”

    They briefly mention gas explosives being used?

    This was posted Wed. Aug.17/16, but there seems to be some similarities. Thoughts anyone?

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