Palestine Rage

This prediction continues, the tinderbox is starting. Rage is taking over. Pray for peace, pray for calm.
Spirit is off on their location its not Gaza but the West Banks. Israel has arrested several Jewish extremist this Sunday.

Notes on 5-14-15   I had a visual of Gaza burning, the evil hebrew is to blame. A great tinderbox ignites.

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  1. afistfullofsand Avatar

    arch angel michael covers/protects israel. prophecy is the son of man will be killed when he returns.
    There is the messenger of god. lets kill him.
    This is what they teach in the churches,islam. so this protection is finished. Michael covers many in the g7. Their is a map available but world powers choose to go to war for materialism. Israel chooses gas rights and it seems they have learned nothing. The pope of rome speaks with a forked tongue along with a history of them and fellow preachers and leaders. I attended mass yesterday for the last time.
    These false teachers have to go! Go fight your own battles which you created. They talk the talk but cant walk the walk. Look at the back of the usa dollar. In god we trust. Age of aquarius. Everyone is a divine aspect of god. Everyone comes from ENOCH who by the way is the father of earth and humanity. Noah and naamah. Thank god for that! Out of egypt he will come. You were taught back then you were a soul. Some souls are higher then others. Saying and doing are two different things. This chaos must end and only threw truth can this be accomplished.

  2. star48 Avatar

    wow, I think this struck some nerve..on this post..
    In adding to the information..of the situation as it unfolds
    as spirit told you here is a small piece…choices?
    Gazans young and old graduate from Hamas ‘summer camp’Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades gives 25,000 residents military training; Islamist group is militarizing Palestinian society, human rights activists say

  3. star48 Avatar

    Eric, information regarding ramping up for war from Gaza.
    New war plans…
    Excerpt..Shaer told investigators that material for Hamas’s war infrastructure is now being brought into Gaza under the guise of reconstruction programs aimed at repairing the damage caused during the fighting, when thousands of buildings were destroyed.

    He also confirmed that fighters kept explosives and other materiel in their homes because Hamas commanders feared the group’s weapons stores would be bombed by Israel. Shaer noted that he had stored several explosive charges of 50 kilograms each in his own home.


  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, more information on destabilizing ..
    “The son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been tied to a corruption scandal involving leaked documents that appear to show attempts by Palestinian officials to misuse public funds.”
    Abbas has announced he is resigning in 2 months..(he has been ruling for 11 years –he was elected for only 4 yrs., but stayed on.)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What’s with every leader being corrupt.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, it only mentions his son, amd some officials.,
        I believe ( my opinion)there are many issues why he is resigning. His ..Age, War coming, the facts coming about his son and administration.,
        Also possibly having to go through another election. The consequences – uncertain time.

  5. star48 Avatar

    “Abbas set to annul Oslo accords, declare Palestine a state under occupationChief negotiator Saeb Erekat seen as mastermind behind moves, for which a recent Abbas ‘resignation’ served as a smokescreen”


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