Predictions on 8-31-15

Australia: I had a visual of jets, then ships, then generals. The generals or military leaders discussed options, made plans, an option to securing its sovereignty.

They mentioned the Canadian Navy but I need to get the details.

I had a visual of a college age group of people taking drugs. Then it became twisted, women where being held against their will, violated, and kept there. The youthful individuals acted like wild animals. They pointed to the U.S. and added what I believe to be the mid west.

The ‘devil’ will come out of no where, on a war path, snuck around, later he will kill thousands and blame it on the necessities of war.

I had a visual of an area burnt down, as if a bomb of some kind destroyed it.
Explosion military men
Philippines 56

Alex will pass.

In January CERN will have a massive discovery.

I had a visual of a big tree being examined. In the past a tree represents life, but in this case it has something to do with CERNs work. They also implied it was silly to believe that scientist could destroy the world, which is being talked about over the web.

In other news: These predictions are expected in about a months time. We discussed the ‘now’ or ‘next’ predictions and how it would be difficult to produce in such a short amount of time but slowly we will move away from predicting events at a distance. They will focus on predictions happening ‘next’ and once we nail it down, then we will refocus on predicting timeframes.


Notes on 8-26-15

I had a visual of a man holding a rifle (or automatic weapon) preparing his atrocity .
I had a visual of people very upset with tears coming down
I had a visual of shattered car windows.
Soon, very soon
M L U .. S I
(In the last line I could not here Spirit clearly, I don’t know if they said S I or ‘high’)

Mr Columbus, Columbus Ohio
The people hear whispers of his state
The jeans are ripped


That federal department is now bankrupt, the money now empty.

The land grab will come out of southern Europe.
Previous prediction: Notes on 8-19-15
“An invasion
they will be invaded
war brews.” — Spirits Voice

Now, soon
The vice president is in charge now
The president weak
Previous Prediction: The second leader (vice president?).. for a brief time will take control.. to keep the leader.. the nation safe.
(Weak because he is sick? Or corrupt? This is a poke, which means this prediction is expected very soon. The impression I felt was a Latin country, but that’s only an impression.)

We are already breaking the rules, mainly because its not Monday yet. However Spirit wanted the very first prediction sent out now. As for all the other predictions they are sequels to previous predictions.

I need to ask about Ecuador, Spirit said the name very loudly but then shifted to this shooting prediction, its very possible they mentioned the name as another poke to an Ecuador prediction.


Australia Tornado and Flooding

I believe this prediction has happened, however its lacking accuracy because there is no Cyclone, but there is a tornado and one massive storm. Spirit has pointed to Australia two times, implying predictions are about to happen which leads me to believe they are acknowledging this variance. Thank you everyone in Australia for keeping me informed.

Notes on 8-21-15
I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of their belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”

The facts from The Guardian: “A tornado touched down in the town of Dubbo late on Monday afternoon, terrifying locals and causing damage to homes and property. Wild weather lashed NSW on Monday night with heavy rain, hail and flooding battering parts of the state including Sydney” Quoted News:

The facts from the NZ herald:   “A New South Wales, south coast public school has been closed as a nearby dam wall threatens to break, in the midst of severe weather pummelling the region.
The SES issued an urgent evacuation notice to residents living downstream from Jerrara Dam, west of Kiama.
The dam wall has shown signs of crumbling as heavy rain continues to fall in the area.
The nearby village of Minnamurra would bear the brunt of it if the dam wall collapses, with the SES advising parents with children at Minnamurra Public School to collect them.”   Quoted News:

Todays News VS Spirits Prediction

Please share this listing with everyone. The sooner we can authenticate Spirits message the sooner we will achieve our ultimate goal of change through awareness. Now more than ever our goal of changing future tragedies seems achievable.

All of these predictions are in the news right now. Though I am still trying to understand how it works it has come to my attention that Spirit seems to gather all the events of one specific timeframe and make predictions around that time, like a fisherman casting one net and catching several fish at once. Thoughts?

Notes on 7-16-15    I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)   China Blast

Notes on 11-3-14    I had a visual of a shooter preparing his weapon but then he was tackled by those around him. “Heroes! Heroes!”  France Train Attack

Notes on 7-16-15   ‘C’ will pass.. even though he was a world leader its his philanthropy that he left a true mark. He left the world better than what it was.  Jimmy Carter has Cancer

Notes on 7-27-15    “We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Resigns

Notes on 3-30-13   “This is great news!!.. Notorious.. Crazy.. The new mad leader takes aggressive action.. There will be a launch.. island.. the leader will fall.. everything is about to change.. they will have to wait outside for a little while..” I believe they are talking about the North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un. If not him, it’s another ‘Notorious’ leader in the world.  North Korea Attacks South Korea

Notes on 7-16-15     Ecuador (or around it).. evacuate the old town.. 27.. such a massive explosion from the volcano.
I had a visual of a massive display of lava and smoke. Then they showed it afterwards and there was only half the volcano left.   Ecuador Volcano Erupts

Predictions on 8-24-15

The new set of predictions, designed to unfold within weeks instead of months.

I had a visual of a massive Typhoon heading towards China, it was so massive, and did great damage. It will swipe the Philippines and then slam into China. Its size unheard of. They will evacuate the people, but that in itself will become a problem, too many crowded in one space.

A  coup d’état occurs
the old government thrown out

Many will celebrate his demise
The head of the snake (serpent) cut off.
The dark leader is dead.” — Spirits Voice

Sounds like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Kim Jong Un

Like ISIS, Al Qaeda, he will rise out of no where and bring horror to mankind. You have not met him yet, but your about to. He will do nothing small, explosions, destruction, massive in scope.

Again they implied but did not verify an eastern connection. Or is that who he is attacking?

I had a visual of a man sitting in a throne like chair, but it was just the shadow of a man, the seat was consumed with blackness, all the light from around him was consumed with in him.
“The black villain, not just the darkness, but pure evil.
Who is he? He is the chief.
A banquet of a speech is coming where he calls on his followers to attack.
The first attack.. Clergy
He will demand complete and utter obedience
His rule is the only rule.
Who you are as a person becomes his
Like Hitler he will seduce the many, have his own Mein Kampf, his own Swastika and bring horror to the world.” — Spirits Voice

I question if all of this is connected to:   Notes on 2-24-15

I had a visual of a young or middle-aged man well dressed. Oddly he was wearing Oakley sunglasses. Then the visual of the man shifted into a portrait, it hung on a wall next to Al Assad, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, on the frame of the portrait it read “Nickname, the Devil”
Not good news, this is a portrait of a new monster the world will have to face. Looking at the list of portraits each of these monsters have dominated the news at one time or another with their despicable acts. This man did not look like he was from the middle east like the others, if I were to guess he was from the orient.
They have made these portraits before, At one time they presented a portrait of Gaddafi as a man dressed eccentrically, with very large sunglasses.  This was shown right before the Arab Springs. Each portrait points out the oddities related to the person, in this new picture its Oakley sunglasses.

In a future I look forward to:
I had a visual I was talking to a camera, explaining a question asked by a reporter that I was sitting down with.
“I just posted my prediction, I asked everyone to share it, and it spread like fire, from one person to another to another, then the next thing I knew, we prevented most of the tragedy from happening.” I replied
In the vision they just showed my hands gesticulating as I talked, it was also implied that my words were being translated into a different language.
Here Spirit is predicting how we achieve our mission. Again they have made it clear that its you not us who will make our success a reality. This is ours to have, but when? For now give us time to master this new process of predicting the ‘next’ prediction. Then I would love your ideas on how to maximize our capacity in using social media as our vessel of change. But it was an awesome vision, now they are predicting our success, it will become a reality.

Notes on 8-21-15

I had a visual of a massive cyclone in the Ocean heading north.

“There will be a massive cyclone, massive in size and scope, it will hit China.”

I had a visual of bushes lining up. This is a message that an Australian prediction is about to happen in the next few days. Long ago before I could converse with Spirit and was limited only to visuals, they used ‘the bush’ to describe events in Australia, now they say “A..U..”

These mini messages are something new they are doing. On one end Spirit will predict events that are coming around the corner, or as they call it ‘next’. To add they will also warn us, poke at me, when one of their predictions is about to happen. It’s their solution to predicting time.

Previous possible prediction, but there are others:Predictions 8-17-15

I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of there belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”
“A moderately sized earthquake will strike Australia.” — Spirits Voice