Palestine Arson Attack

This prediction has happened not in Gaza but the West Banks.  Please pray for the family of this despicable act.

Notes on 5-14-15   I had a visual of Gaza burning, the evil hebrew is to blame. A great tinderbox ignites.

The Facts: Palestinian child dead in suspected Jewish extremist arson attack on home


Notes on 7-30-15


“NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

Spirit showed the words “NOW” in bold print, it was followed by seeing the number “200”

It’s in August, three could be seen as in 3 days making it around Sunday the 2nd, or they are talking about Monday the 3rd. They would later add ’20’ but I question if that is for the prediction below. So we have three possible timeframes. Historically they have used countdowns, so sometime around Sunday is the most likely answer.

I had two dueling visuals of the earthquake, one showed bodies being brought out of the rubble one after another, while the second showed frighten people standing outside looking at the rubble, unloading stacks of water bottles and water jugs.

This is the second time they have presented two dueling possible outcomes. In my entire time predicting the future this is a first for me. I am asking for your help, we can alter the tragedy of this prediction, imagine what could be accomplished if we successfully warn the people of New Zealand. So please join us, help serve the Spiritual force I answer to. Share this prediction with others. If you’re in New Zealand or Australia share it with as many people as possible. Attach one of my previous predictions that reflect our accuracy to help convince them of our position.  use “The Most Accurate Predictions” Page ( so they have an idea of our previous work. Under the comment section please share ideas on how to get our word out there, and please share what you have done with the rest of us in regards to altering this earthquake prediction. Its time to change the fear we create into hope.

These predictions are incomplete and need more details:

I had a visual of people in a desert mourning the loss of life. Then they showed a large metal eagle fly over the desert. “The bomb dropped is in the wrong place.”

“76 passengers killed.. 182..” — Spirits Voice

“Two..” — Two people involved or two events?

They would add the number 14 later. I had a visual of a man walking through an airplane from the back all the way to the cock pit.

“A mad man.. will commit a great horror.. one of the worst.. Greece.”
Is this a separate message about Greece or apart of the airplane prediction?


Notes on 7-27-15

“We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice

Are they talking about Razak or Tsipras, both of which where stars when they started. Or is it a leader who presents himself with bluster of being great. Al Assad is another possible candidate but he is not at all great.

“Over 303 deaths found.” — It was implied to be something from the past. –Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: When it comes to comments please remember to be cautious and courteous. These predictions are now read by thousands upon thousands of people daily across the globe, try to imagine.. that is the size of the audience your comment is reaching. These are sensitive circumstances that require our civility. Please stay on topic, please reframe from bickering between each other, and most of all please respect the beliefs and culture of this global audience. Our goal has and always will be about a community of people coming together to change the tragedies of tomorrow, I truly believe we can achieve that, and now they are predicting it, but I am concerned these faults in our community might stand in our way.

Turkey Brought Into War

This prediction has happened. Several parts have not happened. This is a precursor to another event, the fall of Al Assad.

Notes on 9-24-14  “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice      Turkey now thrusted into war”

Prediction 50: War Escalates – Syria Invaded     Turkey does in fact escalate to war with Syria. It’s only soon after the battles unfold that Bashar Al Assad the butcher of Syria surrenders.

Turkey Bombing

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Turkey.

Notes on 9-24-14   “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-1-15   I had a visual of a large group of people holding red and white flags. The group seemed to be a gathering. Then the visual switched to a bloody scene of people laying on the ground, it seemed chaotic.

The vision implied perhaps a protest that turns horribly violent. A red and white flag could be so many different nations. They implied a Muslim connection, perhaps Bahrain, or Turkey.

Warning this video is extremely graphic:

Notes on 7-21-15

“Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice

“The Pope is tracking everything down. Where is the money? Where did it go?”

“Because of a lax in posture, position.. the Sudan will be riddled with death.”

“The UK will twist and turn its legislative to violate and underscore its principle and foundation. You open the door for  an abuse of power, and eventually you will have it.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a smear on the street, seeping into the gutter, moving its way down.

I had a visual of the House of Commons, with everyone in it, then I heard a violin play unharmoniously.

I asked for clarity and again they called it a smear on the foundation and principles of the UK. They compared this situation to the ‘Rendition’ of the Bush administration after the attacks on the twin towers. ‘Rendition’ is the apprehension and extradition of US citizens from our nation to another with the intent of torturing or imprisoning them to gather information. Which contradicts the 8th amendment of US constitution, which ensures the US government has an obligation to “protect people from being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment”. Now we can debate whether ‘Rendition’ was necessary,  but it would be hard to argue that it violated the fundamental principles of the Constitution. It is a violation (unrelated to torture) that seems to be coming for the UK, which in turn they predict will lead obscene corruption at a later date. They would add later that the act would make spies very pleased.

We need to get the details, but they implied a tropical storm or cyclone heading to Australia.

We are still trying to get more details on the terror attack in China:

I had a visual of paper flyers all of them saying ‘immediate’

I had a visual of people being intimidated with weapons, they tried to escape by going the other direction but that was were the bomb was located.

Notes on 7-19-15

I had a visual of a very cruel man start a fire in a building.
“The man will burn the building.. and it will burn, burn.” — Spirits Voice
I had another odd visual of a man dressed in orange. He was setting a bomb oddly in what looked like a boat house or shipyard. But just as it was about to go off it seemed oddly avoidable, as if it could be stopped or foiled. Perhaps its a message of a ‘fishy’ situation.
“Ireland.. a warning to you.. the radicals are back” — Spirits Voice

With their ominous message they showed two different paths, one where hope and peace prevailed, while the other brought back an upheaval, violence.  So please Ireland squash the coming radical bluster, remind your neighbor that peace and hope are the only way. In some ways it reminded me of Notes on 6-28-15

I had a visual of the US flag.
“The captives.. the prisoners.. freed.. a stealth act.. the critics silenced.” — Spirits Voice

“China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror attack.. around 650.. a massive situation.. one of the absolute worse.. a major event is coming” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of several people walking, sitting, standing then I heard a massive explosion in the background followed by utter panic.
Spirit is correcting a mistake they made in Notes on 7-16-15 , Spirit has mixed up this message with other predictions. Vehicles destroyed happened in California, and a large fire took place on the 16th at a plant in China.

When we originally made this prediction the number they presented was 643, then they changed it to ‘around’ 650 people. So this is not one of there riddles, that is the amount of people involved.

They also showed the number 30. So expect some of these predictions in August.

In other news: This message below is apart of Notes on 6-19-15 Spirit is predicting the horrible shooting in Tennessee, but the rest of the prediction is talking about something else, perhaps the foiled events in NY. Nick is still in question. Please pray for the people of Tennessee.

They implied Tennessee,  later they would add Nashville. However I don’t know much about the state other than Nashville, so even though they mention the city it is more likely they are verifying the state by mentioning one of its  key cities.
“Such a tear in the heart of a nation.. that desperately needs to find its solution.”

A message from Macabe, the Conductor:

I asked: How do we know we will make a difference with these predictions, it seems like an endless amount of nothing?

“Something truly awesome is coming, and soon. You say we can’t win and I say we already have.”

I had a visual I was jumping from one cliff to another, it seemed an impossible task but I jumped across successfully, in the vision as I landed, I smashed into the head of a deer.

I had a visual of city in the night, from a distance, lightning was crashing all around the city, thunder crashed, and the sky light up.

I am not sure what the deer means, however they are predicting the start of our success in changing these horrific predictions, starting with one specific city or location. Lightning in the past has been used to describe Spirits influence, or power, and its ties to the Creator.