Notes on 6-30-15

I had a visual of a very strange storm forming but Spirit showed it from the reflection of the ocean that swayed back and forth. Then I had a visual that people by the shoreline racing to get above ground, or racing away from the beach.

It sounds like they are predicting a Tsunami, but they make no mention of damage, hopefully its just a scare.

I was asking about Ecuador at the time and I assume this Ocean prediction is an unverified message regarding South America.


Notes on 6-28-15

“A shooting massacre.. a shooting spree.. nick.. in the big city.. 8.. it’s coming very soon. ”

Spirit questions Boston now, but have made it clear its a big city, they also implied this horror will happen before the 4th, and most likely in the next day or two. I also had a visual of wooden barrels?

“In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”

We need to find out where?

“A miracle is coming.. such endorsement from our father and all of us who live in his domain.. this act will change so much negative tone but is so simple, so much compassion, kindness, and love, and unfortunately you will never truly know the massive impact it creates. ”

I had a visual of the youth. Teenagers embracing one another, each person embracing the next one, each one hugging everyone else. Then spirit showed the notion spreading like a fire.

“Hugs for all, compassion to all, love and kindness overruling violence and hate..  its time to fight for your world back.. from all who taint it.”

“The voyage to Pluto.. what follows is the discovery of LIFE! The possibility of living organisms.. the outer rim”

This event could have nothing to do with Pluto or everything to do with it. Pluto seems to be a timeframe used, a sort of domino effect one event leading to the next.

Terrorism on Ramadan

Such tragedy, such horror on this Islamic holy month. Pray for all the victims of this tragedy.

The Facts: In France, a man stormed an American-owned chemical plant, decapitated one person and apparently tried to blow up the facility

The Prediction:  Notes on 3-5-15 I had a visual of places and people being cut deep, as if a large knife ripped through a path. “The wound will be deep.”
France.. Paris.. again another attack.. in 10 (if its a countdown that puts it around the 14th).. oh people of France protect yourself the best you can.

The Facts: Kuwait, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque during communal prayers, killing at least 25 Shiite worshipers.

The Prediction, one day off? : Notes on 2-15-15  The 27th is marked with a bomb.. again

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Flash Floods in China

This prediction has happened in China. This post on 6-3 is complete, all other predictions on it have happened. However the details of one of the predictions failed to be accurate.  The ability to tell you what each individual month has in store is something we have been working towards for awhile.  If they come to master the process it will change the way we write these predictions. We will be able to summarize the future events coming month by month.

The other predictions that happened in this post: Notes on 6-19-15 , Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed , Nepal Landslide , Ghana Gas Station

Notes on 6-3-15   I had a visual of a spider crawling on the face of a young man.  The visual switched to show different images of a handful of teenagers at a school cafeteria. The last image showed a man with a shallow empty look. Then Spirit drew a box with the number 8.
“Rebellious, rejected teenager will commit horrific acts.. June” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a persons hands rummaging through crude sketches, perhaps his plans.
I had a visual of a clown ceramic doll whose face was destroyed, nothing was left but a shallow hole where the face once was.
“Such an evil tragic act.” — Spirits Voice

Later they would add: “At 4″

The location was an issue, I asked several times. They presented a rectangle shaped state, for instance Kansas is like that. They also implied a city with a similar name, like Kansas City. Unfortunately there are several states and cities that fit that description.

Previous Prediction, perhaps related  Notes on 5-30-15  : “Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”

My assessment of Spirits message: There will be a school shooting where  8 to 11 people are shot or killed. Even though they say ‘Campus’ from the look of the faces it seemed more likely a high school. That is assuming the two predictions are related.

Help us bring awareness, we need to get this prediction out there and we have little time to do it,  just maybe we can alter this tragic event from happening. In the meantime I will continue to focus on providing a clear cut location.

I had a visual of a large American flag. “The dark leader will be taken down.”

My assessment of Spirits message: A top leader of ISIS or Al Qaeda will fall, perhaps even Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS.

In mid June Nepal will be hit with massive flooding, land slides, houses crushed and consumed.. the unstable ground creates so much damage.

“Flash floods.. it will consume a massive area.. they will be hit hard.” I had a visual of a map that showed China.

My assessment of Spirits message: Sometime in the middle of June Nepal will be hit hard with rain and flooding  leading to avalanches, mudslides and excessive structural damage. But there is also an underline message that from June through December the world will see a massive increase in flooding across the globe. If you know people in Nepal please warn them so that we can prevent the absolute worse from happening.

I had a visual of massive explosion. They showed a tank of gas exploding as if to imply either a gas station, or an oil refinery would have a massive explosion.

The Facts on 6-18: Flash floods pelt China.

Notes on 6-19-15

I am sorry for this horrible post.

I had asked the Spirits to clarify the mistakes made on the Notes on 6-3-15 which I truly believe are messages warning us of the massacre in South Carolina, but yet we had very glaring faults in the message. Their response made my heart drop.
“We are sorry Eric, but this prediction is incomplete.. more is coming..”
I had a visual of a black and white mug shot of Dylann Roof, then another photo right next to it was coming into focus.
“Nick (Nicked?).. 20.. Now.. 8”
I had a visual of someone unwrapping an iron statue of a saint.
I had a visual of Spirit holding up a fake bill, then showing a 20 dollar bill while circling the number 20.
They showed the money again later in the night. Clearly pointing to the number 20 several times and perhaps a symbolic message about “bill”
They implied Tennessee,  later they would add Nashville. However I don’t know much about the state other than Nashville, so even though they mention the city it is more likely they are verifying the state by mentioning one of its  key cities.
“Such a tear in the heart of a nation.. that desperately needs to find its solution.”


I had a visual I was standing in marsh land looking out towards the ocean and a massive storm was approaching. “The gulf is forming its nightmares”

We have two different predictions about the Gulf, the Louisiana flooding expected to hit the shoreline and New Orleans in the worse way, and the other is a Hurricane or Tropical storm that strikes north Florida. They specifically mention Jacksonville.  The visual implies that one of these predictions are looming.

They also mentioned a need to discuss Japan and Ecuador.

Notes on 6-16-15

“The bad ones.. are in Vermont for a time.. down.. down in town.. garage/barn.. summer.”

I had a visual of a massive upscale house, it almost looked like a fancy hotel. The house had a barn or garage in the far background.

Spirit where in Vermont? “The south bucket.”

A new list of predictions is forming:

“I had a visual that they marked an area on a map and said “Pluto” then added later the word “Juno” both are historical Roman Gods? — I question if this is related to finding those in Vermont since it was presented on a map.

I had a visual of an area of downtown engulfed in smoke. There was several firefighter trucks.

I had a visual of a massive explosion.

Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed

Its unclear if Spirit is talking about Nasser al-Wahayshi or Mokhtar Belmokhtar both of which are leaders or terrorism and both were killed in air strikes by the US today 6-15.

Notes on 6-3-15  I had a visual of a large American flag. “The dark leader will be taken down.”
My assessment of Spirits message: A top leader of ISIS or Al Qaeda will fall, perhaps even Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS.

The Facts by CNN on 6-15: Top al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Nasser al-Wahayshi was killed Friday in a suspected U.S. drone strike in Yemen’s Hadramout region, according to two Yemeni national security officials. Quoted news: