Boris Nemtsov Assassinated

It’s difficult to say if Boris Nemtsov assassination, is this prediction. There are clear connections, the number 4, he was shot by the Kremlin, and as many of you know Spirit uses the ‘hour’ to describe the month, so 2 could be seen as February. However there are parts that don’t fit, decoy? burning house? and what does 45 mean?

The question remains, will it be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment? Oswald was arrested and shot for assassinating the US President John F Kennedy, but with this horrific act came a slew of conspiracy theories, a number of people believed  Oswald was the scape goat for a much more sinister plot by powerful people. So if this is what Spirit predicted then a huge air of ‘conspiracy’ should follow in the coming days for Russia.

The burning house could be symbolic to public rage. Also I assumed it was a president that would be assassinated because in the visual they showed a presidential house.

Predictions for 2014
There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
Notes on 12-22-13
“There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.
I had a visual of a brown emblem with the number 4 on it.

The facts reported on 2-27 by BBC: “A leading Russian opposition politician, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, has been shot dead in Moscow, Russian officials say.
An unidentified attacker in a car shot Mr Nemtsov four times in the back as he crossed a bridge in view of the Kremlin, police say.
He died hours after appealing for support for a march on Sunday in Moscow against the war in Ukraine.” Quoted by:


New York ATM Bandits

Is this what Spirit was talking about?

Notes on 2-4-15   “Robberies are coming to New York. A slew of different robberies all from an athletic set of criminals.” — Spirits Voice.

The Facts on 2-23-15 by NY Post: “A group of five increasingly brazen ATM bandits has dodged police for more than a year while pulling off 73 heists across the city and netting hundreds of thousands of dollars, The Post has learned.
But the suspects aren’t using PIN codes or any software to access accounts or bank information.
Instead, they’re simply relying on crowbars, chains and stolen cars to snatch the doors off the money machines — sometimes in front of witnesses in broad daylight — to the amazement of embarrassed cops who still can’t catch them.
They then position stolen cars in the area to thwart responding officers as they make their getaway.” Quoted by

Notes on 2-24-15

Spirits message is in regular black print, my own opinion is presented in blue.

I had a visual of a young or middle-aged man well dressed. Oddly he was wearing Oakley sunglasses. Then the visual of the man shifted into a portrait, it hung on a wall next to Al Assad, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, on the frame of the portrait it read “Nickname, the Devil”
Not good news, this is a portrait of a new monster the world will have to face. Looking at the list of portraits each of these monsters have dominated the news at one time or another with their despicable acts. This man did not look like he was from the middle east like the others, if I where to guess he was from the orient.
They have made these portraits before, At one time they presented a portrait of Gaddafi as a man dressed eccentrically, with very large sunglasses.  This was shown right before the Arab Springs. Each portrait points out the oddities related to the person, in this new picture its Oakley sunglasses.

“Eric there is a threat to Paris.. focal point.” — Spirit’s Voice

I had a visual of outer-space. Then they showed a spacecraft a drift.
Either Spirit is implying a lost spacecraft or perhaps a crisis where astronauts are stuck.

A visual of crackers, a message of a destructive earthquake.

Sometimes numbers represent verbiage, in the past 8 represented ‘eat it’ a sort of failure. Ironically 5 in the past represented being ‘right’.  Perhaps a prediction where I was wrong back to back, but now its about to happen? Or the numbers could represent something else entirely.

I had a visual of a town completely demolished, buildings completely brought to rubble.
The visual was over a land so it sounds like a tornado, but it could be a reference to the South America prediction. It jumps to the front of the line, we need to nail down the details before it happens.

Between this set of predictions and the last set I have a lot of work to do, bringing clarity and details to these vague predictions.

Notes on 2-23-15

I had a visual of several ships and boats, they were enjoying their day of relaxation and fun when a massive wave swept in toppling the ships, crushing everything in its path. Spirit showed a man who was rescued and survived.  In the vision he was recovering in a hospital bed, what a miracle.

I had a visual of South America

I had a visual of 727. Which implies the 27th.

Eric’s Comments: This could be another Tsunami or a massive storm, but it was quick and destructive. Clearly we are talking about a location in South America, but I question the 27th (March?) The 27th was used to describe a bombing in previous predictions, are they reminding me of that or is the timing related to this prediction?

Cyclone Marcia and Lam

I now believe the Notes on 12-29-14 is related to the two cyclones affecting north Australia. From the destroyed shoreline houses to the raging flash floods. The great news is there are no current reports of casualties. I hope and pray for the safety of everyone in Australia.

Notes on 12-29-14   I had a visual of a very large wave crushing into a hilly area, it consumed the town that sat there. Houses where crushed in seconds, people were bobbing up and down as the wave carried them away. It consumed everything in its path.

“In 2 hours..” Which is at the end of February. I will be asking for more details, where? It was a massive natural disaster.

Notes on 1-5-15  “A major flood.. Australia.. it starts at 6.. where? the place of candy.” Spirits Voice

Notes on 2-15-15   I had a visual of a bottle of TIDE and it broke open. (The word tide has consistently been used to describe the damaging tide of the ocean.)

The Facts on 2-20-14: Cyclone Marcia and Lam Strike Australia.

Australia Cyclones

This prediction has happened. Its possible that Notes on 12-29-14 might also be related. Its unclear to me what the ‘place of candy’ represents.

Notes on 1-5-15  “A major flood.. Australia.. it starts at 6.. where? the place of candy.” Spirits Voice

The Facts on 2-19: Australia is bracing for two cyclones.

Small Japan Tsunami

The very first part of this prediction has happened. I leave it to you to debate the rest. The number 6 could be seen as 16th, my time.  But the location of the ‘west’ is completely wrong, nor is it related to previous predictions, which means the dinosaur represents something else. It’s also possible the bridge message is separate to the ‘strange visual’ which I see as this Tsunami. Perhaps I wrongly assumed they were connected. However Japan does have a very long bridge connecting their main lands.

Notes on 2-15-15   I saw the letters written in big bold letters TSUNAMI

Notes on 2-15-15    I had a visual of a very large bridge similar to that of the Golden State bridge.

I had a strange visual of a large stone dinosaur who could walk. The dinosaur slowly walked on one side of this large stone walkway with people walking behind it, on the other side of the walkway was the ocean. The dinosaur sat down and the dust from his belly filled the air. Then you could see a large plank floating in the ocean, heading quickly towards the walkway. It was obvious that the plank was about to crash into the walkway. On the plank was a large metal bull and several people worshiping the bull. As it drew closer we began to grab the poles of the walkway.  Someone yelled out.. “Brace for impact!” Then it crashed into the walkway and everyone was thrown back.

“Eric a very old prediction is about to happen.. in the west.”

I had a visual of a piece of paper, on it was written 6, then I saw a clock and both hands where pointed to 6 which was oddly placed where the 4 would normally be.

Spirit are we talking about an earthquake or an attack? I had a visual of a demon jump up out of the ground.