Notes on 1-18-15

“Eric we are sorry for this horrible, horrible news.. in about 15 minutes (15 days which would be sometime around the 2nd or 3rd of February).. there gone.. several hundred.. he killed them.. flying.. explosive.. plane crash.. the monster forwards his message separately.. ”

“Keep out.. Eric it gets darker.. the debris from the sky.. stay in doors, stay inside..” –Spirits Voice

I had a visual I was standing in the center of a street, it was pouring rain, pouring down, I was completely wet, my eyes swelled up with tears. I just stood there.

Previous Predictions that may relate:
Notes on 6-23-13   I saw large amounts of debris fall from the sky crashing into the people below. A major event was unfolding, and there was mass panic in the big city.

Eric’s Comments: Truly done with these spiders and their wicked acts, that’s beyond evil. We are looking for a location, a starting point, we are also hoping for a flight number. I will try my best to cover both.

41 thoughts on “Notes on 1-18-15

  1. what does one say, about a post like this……. everyone, send prayers out, not only to change this, but for all the victims, as well. WE MUST tell ourselves, that their will be a ending for these groups, please believe, other realms, are also helping us humans on earth, send out love, besides trying to change this horrible act. we might not see it yet, but, down the road, their is a end to all these things, and THAT light is very very bright………..

  2. No words. I hope you are able to receive more info and perhaps save lives.

  3. Eric I hope we can get more info so as to change the outcome. These people are so evil. Does this prediction from 7-29-14, the “32 and 50 deep” relate also do you think? It had the man on a bus and a howling wolf head also. Then the Notes from 2-10-14 “Terror Attack”, with the long list of names and faces of people tragically killed. Also the 4 songs, “apocalyptic three fifty one” and “these attacks lead to war” Post on 5-18-14. Did we ever figure out what the 351 meant? I always wondered if that was a flight number.

    1. If they are telling you to stay indoors doesn’t this prediction imply that it is some kind of plane attack that occurs where you live?

  4. I don’t even want to say it….. There is a Air France flight #351, departing on Feb 2nd, arriving on Feb 3rd…. Toronto to Paris. If that was to truly happen, I can see it leading to war. 🙁

  5. That is scary! They make it sound like the very air outside will be contaminated with something. I have a very BAD feeling about this. And I have been having nasty feelings of doom heading for us. I can’t shake the feeling of something on the scale of 9/11/01 or even bigger happening this year. I keep feeling that people on the New Madrid fault straight through the USA need to move and get away. And I had a premonition of bomb attacks in Walmarts and other businesses to protest capitalism. A few days after I had that premonition a family member sent me a letter telling me that they had to evacuate their Walmart, due to a bomb threat being called in. Is any place truly safe? Somehow, I doubt it.

  6. Good grief..Could this be something dealing with the Superbowl which is 14 days from the 18th. If you look at a map from above of the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona it looks like landing strips around it.
    Might someone try to crash a plane into the stadium which will be chock full of people?
    I hate to even think this but it would be a way of bringing tremendous fear to so many there and at home. From their point of view, the damage both physical and emotional would be felt all over.

    1. It’s also a time where you know everyone in America is watching! It would be a perfect time to attack so everyone can see.You know they love the media coverage/

  7. I had a dream about Wal Mart also. In my dream there were no lights in Wal Mart, but I could still see people shopping.

  8. Debris from the sky seems to be the main warning of this message; like the exploding of a plane over a city, or the explosion/falling of a tall skyscraper like 911. Eric, did you get the sense that this happens in the US? Depressing prediction. I see others are thinking of the Arizona Super Bowl. Hope not. I don’t know how you sleep, Eric. Peace to you.

  9. This is a terrible blow it will knock you on your knees but you said spirits said it gets better do they know when these spiders will slow down makes ya not even wanna wake up.

  10. Thank you Eric. All we can do is pray for peace clarity and help to share this awareness. I haven’t had a dream in a while except last nite I heard the levels are wrong. I think also that here in America we need to be more aware and not let our guards down and believe this is more of another countries problem than ours! Terrorists know no boundaries but neither do our prayers!

  11. Hello Eric, I’ve been an avid follower of your predictions since I had my first confirmed vision of last years Mt. Ontake eruption in Japan. I am no where near as trained to be able to decipher the vision I get as I see most of you are here. I have a lot of trouble getting lost with the emotional aspects of my visions. But after reading this prediction it brings to mind a vision I had about a month ago, (my visions seem to manifest in a span of 1-2 months on average).
    I was inside a home, in an area resembling something like California, lots of hacienda type homes, on hills. I specifically remember the distinct type of roof tops. It was night and all was dark out except for the street lights. Theres an intense trembling, or vibration that shakes me to my core. I look out the window to the night sky and that’s when I see the source of vibrations. I see directly above me the belly of huge passenger plane, it was obvious it was coming down, however it wasn’t on fire the alarming part of it was that it was completely blacked out. No landing lights or emergency lights nothing. However trailing right behind the plane was a small ball of fire. I felt the sense to immediately get out of there. So the next few seconds I spent rushing my children out of bed and getting their shoes on when I heard/ felt the vibrations again. This time it wasn’t a plane, it was an enormous object also blacked out heading in the same direction as the plane. It was so huge it casted a huge shadow even in the night. The vibrations were so intense I knew running wasn’t going to save us at this point. I huddled on the ground with my children. When I noticed a very long white sheet on the ground next to us. The end furthest from us was wrapped in the shape of a human body, in the way a corpse would be. I grabbed the other end that was loose and that’s when I knew it was the end. I pulled the sheet over my kids and I specifically said to them, ” when the end comes we’ll find each other again” then everything went black. And in that darkness is when I was told ” it comes from the sky”.
    I don’t know if this helps or is related at all, but I felt the need to share that here. Your vision had a lot of the same key points I saw in mine. I have never been to California but somehow I knew where I was in my vision. I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts. Or any advice on how to not loose myself, in the emotional aspect of my visions. Anyway, thanks for reading. Peace, Love and Light.

  12. If you can get a flight number, authorities could probably zone in on that flight and either put a stop to it or catch them in the act.

  13. I refuse to believe that these people are evil. Instead, I like to think they’ve been brainwashed. Innately I do not think they would take such actions. Their actions have been conditioned.

  14. The situation in Yemen is deteriorating. The U.S. Embassy in Yemen may be evacuated in the coming days If so, embassy staff and families may go by commercial flight. That said, it could be a bomb on the plane or a ground to air missile. I hope they consider an alternate egress route rather than flying directly from the city to the U.S Warships.

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