Comet Causes Explosion on Mars

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 10-22-13   I had a visual of a comet or meteor in the distant sky. Then it switched, in one area the ground was scorched, destroyed and damaged. I asked spirit for more clarity and they showed a soft ground being smashed.

The Facts on 10-19-14:  Comet Siding Spring causes an explosion on Mars.

10 thoughts on “Comet Causes Explosion on Mars

  1. That wasn’t a comet…hitting Mars…even the guy who took the video says it was lens flare and clouds. So I’m thinking Mars is not the comet prediction. Still NASA did cut the feed but to what end as anyone can easily see impact strikes on the surface and the scientific proof of what a comet does was caught and not suppressed when Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter and they didn’t censor that. In fact that whole event changed the way science looked at impact.

  2. Electrical discharge from the comet…ison did this too…you will not get a straight answer about it….symbols of an alien sky is a good documentary about electrical nature of planetary interactions and how comets may theoretically be electric in nature…the dirty ice balls is also a theory yet to be proven

    1. The internet has multiple assumptions, and I am no expert on the matter. However this prediction was a visual, and what I visualized very much matches up with the visual aspect of what the youtube video shows. Even if that description of a ‘soft ground’ or ‘scorched’ is just a ‘debris trail’ of the comet and not a real explosion.

  3. Eric, you are amazing and you are full of light and goodness and I love you for this. Keep on keepin on!

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