Wichita Kansas Plane Crash

This Prediction has happened. Spirit initially mixed up the messages and then corrected it. They are now warning us that a previous posted prediction is about to happen as it reads on the notes of 10-19-14.  Yesterday they reminded us of a child shooting which connects with a Chicago prediction: Notes on 8-16-14 . Please pray for all those affected in Kansas, such a tragic situation.

Notes on 10-19-14  I had a vision of a large burner, burning red with fire.
“Kansas is coming.. NOW”
Eric’s Comments: Kansas was a previous prediction, it implies Kansas is the center of some type of large accident involving a fire

Notes on 7-1-14 Another looming question is part of me believes that these two events might have accidentally been mixed up. Argentina might have the corrupt man and Kansas the disaster.
Notes on 6-25-14
Wichita Kansas?.. Kansas.. A leader with a foul smell, truly corrupt.. he thinks he is for real..  but such a fraud.. We are about to reveal his extensive lies.
Previous predictions: Notes on 6-24-14
Argentina?.. A costly nightmare.. red lights everywhere.. mistake.. I heard the sound of what I can only describe as an explosion.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14

The Facts: Plane Crashes Into Building at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas



Notes on 10-30-14

“She is here.”
Who I asked
“The monster in the sea, like Anna, like Sandy” Spirits Voice

I had a visual of the map of Mexico, then it switched and there was a mountain in the background of the area they showed. A sulfur black cloud blanketed the sky. You could hear very angry upset screaming.

Eric’s Comments: Spirit is implying that a massive storm is forming, and from previous predictions they have to be talking about the Florida Hurricane, but nothing on the east coast has formed that I know of.

The black cloud is a familiar symbol. It represents something evil and dark, it was used when Syria’s president Al Assad used chemical warfare on his own people. It was also used symbolically  when Gaddafi’s soldiers tortured and raped the women of the Libyan rebels. It represents an unspeakable act, overwhelmingly egregious. We plan to ask for more details.

We are working to get more details on the Philippines flooding with a focus on what areas will be hit the hardest.  They also mentioned another mass shooting involving children. That might be related to the half mast flag and/or the Chicago prediction. I want to gather as many details on both before posting it.

Tropical Storm Ana

It hasn’t happened yet but this prediction is looking very plausible.  Both timeframes are off.

Notes on 6-3-14  “Vancouver, flooding, flooding it will be bad for British Columbia.”

Notes 5-24-14  ’31’ in red. It was presented in a square,  like a calendar.
“Vancouver, flooding, flooding it will be bad for British Columbia.”

The Facts: Satellite movie shows Tropical Storm Ana headed to British Columbia, Canada.

Predictions on 10-25-14

This is a new type of prediction. The process used to gather the information is different, a completely different set up between myself and the Spirits. Spirit is expecting this process to eventually replace the existing one. But we need to ensure that it works and works well. I am a bit nervous with this major shift but I have faith the Spirits know best.

These predictions are done in sets, the purpose of that is so you can share the set of predictions with others. With each passing accurate prediction you can share the post to bring attention to the predictions that have not happened yet. I encourage you to join us in our mission to alter the horror of these predictions by making as many people aware of what’s coming but wait until one of them comes to pass to amplify the authenticity.

Outside the LA area, southern California, Cherro.
In 1 to 2 minutes (Sometime around the 26th-28th of October?)
Moderate damage, minimal injuries, a scare. I had a visual of a young couple in their bedroom when their wall began to crack open.

I had a visual of an arrow pointing south.
Now it will spread south and without immediate control.
But then containment follows, the world focused on containment

I had a visual of a newspaper that looked like the ‘yahoo’ site. The headline showed a picture of a meteor racing through the sky
That area around Warsaw (Are they saying Poland?)
‘Zero’ (That means they either don’t know when, or a timeframe of now)
Flakes will fall from the sky, such awe from the people, excited, shocking, an easter hunt of meteor pieces, as they search for ground zero.

I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties,  so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.

In regards to the coming Florida Hurricane: I had a visual of a clicker, on the clicker was the number 6. That sounds like a countdown which puts it around the 31st or it could also be the 6th of November.

Even though we are unsure of which month I do want to remind you of the 27th: Notes on 9-6-14 Imminent Terror Attack

Washington School Shooting

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 10-1-14  I had a visual of what seemed like a picture or poster and it read “Shooter” with the number 2 in the center.
I had a visual I was standing in front of my house and a small weed grew from the ground. (Home grown terrorist?)
“The US, shooter, now. “
I had a visual of a man standing in the grass of a park holding out an apple.

The Facts on 10-25-14 Reuters: “Two killed, four wounded in Washington state school shooting. A student fatally shot one classmate and wounded four others when he opened fire in the cafeteria of his Washington state high school on Friday, following a fight with fellow students, authorities said. The shooter took his own life as Marysville-Pilchuck High School students scrambled to safety in the latest outburst of deadly violence at an American school.” Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/washington-state-high-school-lockdown-shooting-reports-183324596.html;_ylt=AwrTWf2Ju0tUxAwAyAvQtDMD

Israel Terror Attack

A part of this prediction has unfolded.

Notes on 8-3-14  “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice

The Facts on 10-23-14 by The Telegraph: “Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians threatened to rise to a dangerous new pitch on Wednesday when a three-year-old baby girl died after a car ploughed into a busy tram stop in Jerusalem at rush hour in what police said was a deliberate “terror” attack.
The driver of the vehicle was in custody after being shot and wounded by officers near the scene of Wednesday’s incident, which happened at the Ammunition Hill station, outside the city centre. The detained man was reported to be Abd al-Rahman Shaloudi, 21, a Palestinian from Silwan in East Jerusalem, who had served three jail sentences for “security offences”, including stone throwing.
Israeli officials insisted he was a member of Hamas, the Palestinian militant organisation, and said responsibility lay with the Palestinian leadership, whom they accused of “incitement””. Quoted News: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/11181107/Three-month-old-baby-dies-in-terror-attack-on-Israeli-tram-station.html

Parliament Hill Shooting

This second prediction might also be related to the horrible news out of Canada, my heart goes out to all of you in Canada

Notes on 8-10-14  “Ontario.. fugitive on loose.. man hunt.. possible evacuation.” — Spirits Voice
“Vin.. (Vincent?)
Notes on 8-7-13 “Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster”

The Facts: Ottawa police hunt for suspects after Parliament Hill, War Memorial shootings.
Other predictions regarding terror attacks that have not happened, hopefully we can alter these future tragedies:Notes on 9-6-14 Imminent Terror Attack Notes on 9-24-14 Notes on 10-1-14