Chennai: Under-Construction Building Collapses

This prediction has happened. Please pray for their safe recovery.

Notes on 5-20-14
I had a visual of several construction workers working on a site, then the site collapsed on the construction workers. All the rubble covered the area.

The Facts reported on 6-28 by IBN: “Chennai: In an unfortunate incident, an under-construction building collapsed near Chennai’s Mangadu due to heavy rains in the area. Five people have died in the accident and as many as 45 others are believed to be trapped. Rescue teams have managed to pull 11 people out of the debris.” Quoted by:


Notes on 6-29-14

Previous Predictions:

Notes on 1-25-14
I had a visual of the number 8, then a page was turned, and I had a visual of a man with a whipped back, then a page turned, I had a visual of a large target sign, then the page turned again and I had a visual of fireworks going off.
Eric’s Comments: Number 8 is used to describe “ate it”. Its their way of saying we will be wrong with a posted prediction. They are counting down to a situation close to the end of the month, perhaps it’s not going to be an earthquake around the 27th, 28th but something else, like a terror attack. The fireworks are a target by what seems now to be terrorist, not an accident.  What are the major events that involve fire works and their dates??

Notes on 1-31-14
Explosion – July – When the fireworks run – behind, below
Attack again! – Soon – I had a visual of trains going back and forth.

Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack
“An Attack!” .. “Things were very happy and quickly became horrific.”
“Around the time of the dance, when the fireworks run, as it all closes up, its ending” “Soon” The Spirits showed individuals with heavy snow jackets so we are talking about a winter location or timing.
“1,2″ The spirits showed two explosions, but it was unclear if they were just showing the same explosion from different views. They showed a long list of names and faces of those who were injured and tragically killed.
“In the crowded area..  in the North East..  from the fireworks.” The spirits showed a diner or restaurant for some reason.  They showed a row of fairly new buildings one of the buildings looked like a castle or a tall square tower made of rocks or cobble stones.


Today’s Predictions:

I asked: Spirit where is the attack on the 4th of July? Is there one? Perhaps its an accident?

“It’s a bomb.” — Spirit said

Later that night.. some of the visions seemed like the locations were very hot places, so with all of the messages its unclear if they are related or separate predictions.

“3.. Boston.. college.. attack.”

I had a vision that the attacker was shot.

I had a vision that a woman had a bleeding shoulder, others in the back talked about how the officer who was being held hostage by an attacker,  shot herself which in turn shot the attacker holding her.

I had a vision that I sat in the back of a grocery store sweating and waiting for an attack to happen anxiously. I felt so dreadful and nervous. Then, unexpectedly a man walked out of the walk in cooler with a gun in his hand “Eric, I’m here, its starting.” The attacker walked towards me and then begin his approach to the front of the store to let his colleagues in. Very quickly I ran into the walk in cooler, held the sliding door handle in place so no one could come in, the running attacker tried to catch me before I closed the door, then tried to open the door several times.
“Eric, let me in.. open this door!.. now.”
I mockingly held up my cell phone in the small look through window and dialed 9-1-1, I displayed my hand as I slowly dialed the number. The attacker grabbed the outside door hard and yanked on it with all of his weight.
“Open this f***ing door now!”
I looked through the faded window, a gave a small smirking smile.

Eric’s Comments: Spirit mentioned the number 3 several times. Perhaps this happens earlier. There are several contradictions. with all of these visions. The old predictions talk about a stadium, but now they mention a college?  One prediction talks about July but another talks about individuals wearing heavy coats? Are we talking about two separate situations? Even though fireworks are consistently mentioned is the 4th the right timeframe? When you analyze the visions keep in mind they are probably symbolic messages not literal.  I would encourage you to read through the comment section of 6-25-14 as other individuals have had visions that are very similar to the messages here.


Nigerian Mall Bombing

This tragic prediction has happened. We failed to get the details in a timely manner. The attack is believed to be the actions of Boko Haram. My heart goes out to all the people of Nigeria.

Notes on 6-22-14
I had a vision, I was sitting at the table looking at a newspaper in a coffee shop. The back of the newspaper showed bad weather in Europe and Hurricanes forming. I flipped the newspaper to the front page and saw a picture of an explosion or fire with massive smoke (symbolic to damage). There was so much smoke it covered the upper half of the picture. — I need to ask for more details.

Notes 6-21-14
I had a visual of bread in the oven, I took it out and it was slightly burned. The symbol of bread in the oven has been used before, it means we have failed to predict an event in a timely manner, a message that we waited too long or my focus was off.  Whatever the situation, it is expected to happen very soon.

Notes on 6-16-14
“Eric, we want to look into Boko Haram.. we have a map” — Spirits Voice

The facts on 6-24 by AP: “Explosion rocks mall in Nigerian capital. An explosion blamed on Islamic extremists rocked a shopping mall in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, and police said 21 people were killed.
Billows of black smoke could be seen from a mile (kilometer) away, and police said 17 vehicles were burnt out in the blast.”


Notes on 6-25-14

The blue part is Eric asking Spirit questions followed by their answer. Keep in mind these are all lingering questions from previous predictions.

4th of July?.. Hold.. running out of time.. we know.
Previous predictions: Notes on 1-31-14 , Notes on 1-15-14 , Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack

Wichita Kansas?.. Kansas.. A leader with a foul smell, truly corrupt.. he thinks he is for real..  but such a fraud.. We are about to reveal his extensive lies.
Previous predictions: Notes on 6-24-14

Argentina?.. A costly nightmare.. red lights everywhere.. mistake.. I heard the sound of what I can only describe as an explosion.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14

Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India. We still need to put the puzzle of location and time together. They also clarified that it might reach Category 5 in the Ocean but not be that strong when hitting land, bottom line we are talking about  3 large Hurricanes / Typhoons.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14
There is talk that this prediction is still expected, I am waiting for confirmation: Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

Eric’s Comments: ‘Hold’ is a message that means a specific Spirit usually an ancient one, or one of the bosses wants to relate the message. Keep in mind there is a large number of Spirits relating the information daily. There is a chain of command that they adhere too. This would be similar to a colleague telling you “I will let the boss tell you in his own words”  It implies a delicate or complex circumstance. By delicate I mean that they have to filter the message because it might affect me personally. Either way you look at it, it sounds like something is going to happen.

“He thinks he is for real”.. I have to assume we are talking about the people of Kansas as a whole, not just one man,  I was going to change the wording but I have learned to just stick with their exact words even if it does not sound correct. Sometimes Spirit may sound like they are a foreigner speaking a new language. It also sounds like they are correcting the location of Wichita to just Kansas. Perhaps its just someone who grew up in that area.

Keep in mind our mission is to change the outcome of the future tragedies we predict. I get the impression that Hurricane season is one of those possible moments. I understand that our work is far from perfectly accurate. We will work towards more acute accuracy over time. But I need your help in bringing awareness to all. According to Spirit one of the best ways to do that is to share one of the more accurate predictions you have read. Share it with everyone or just those you feel might be interested. When you click on the post you can use the tools at the bottom to share the prediction through Facebook, Twitter, etc. This allows you to set the stage, so that when its time to bring awareness to a dire prediction sharing that message won’t be so uncomfortable.  Be assured that I understand the reputation of psychics, and the skeptics that go with that. It takes a lot of nerve to put you neck out for them. It was a bold and un-nerving situation when I published my first predictions, but now I have no regrets. Thanks again for all the help you have done and will do.


FBI Rescued Children

Has this prediction happened?

Notes 5-5-14
“Largest amount of human abductions found.. secrets released.. our father cracks the door (opportunity) open.” — I had a visual of a cracked door open and behind the darkness was a young girl, with others in the background.

The Facts reported on 6-23 by ‘USA Today’: “Law enforcement officials rescued 168 child victims of commercial sex trafficking in a nationwide sweep during the past week and arrested 281 alleged pimps, the FBI said Monday.” Quoted by:

Notes on 6-24-14

Vancouver? I had a visual of a wet towel being squeezed out. ‘drenched’.

Wichita Kansas..
“Corrupt acts, unethical workings are coming.”
I had a visual of massive damage, either a natural disaster or large accident.

Eric’s Comments: They want to start new predictions as I ask for clarity on old ones, with these places as the locations, I have to assume that the messages below are connected to those locations. With Vancouver it sounds like those predictions are still coming.   I also asked about the 4th of July, will their be an explosion? They expressed concern over showing me a visual of the 4th, which implies that something is coming.

Alaska Tsunami

Several fans have pointed out that there is a Durham Alaska in the southern part of Alaska. Others have pointed out the 23-24th as a date. Then there is the number ‘7’ in the Vancouver predictions which many of you note is 7 days later ( Notes on 6-16-14 ) .  The facts of this event continues to show through in their predictions. It’s still unclear if this ties in with the predicted flooding in Vancouver, I will be asking Spirit for clarity on that question. Here are all the predictions:

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake
Big one.. major earthquake.. this is going to be a bad one.. 24.. 23 to 24.. dirham.. at its tip or end.. the place shredded and mangled.”  – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami
I had a visual of a mammoth sea monster rising above the ocean with its tentacles stretching outward, its tentacle slammed into the land, but the rest of the sea monster fell back into the ocean before it could accomplish more.
“Partial Tsunami! Its coming soon.. 18.. 18.. this is the wave that will crash against the houses..” — Spirits Voice

Notes 6-21-14
They showed the word ‘Cracker and Kraken.’

Notes on 6-16-14
Last night as I fell asleep I felt I was in an ocean floating back and forth, I felt I was sinking down, deeper and deeper. It was very unnerving. Previously I have talked about the ground shaking under my feet right before an earthquake happens, this however was very different.

The Facts on 6-23-14 by AP:  “Magnitude-8.0 Alaska quake spawns small tsunami. A strong earthquake near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands triggered a tsunami warning Monday, but only small waves measuring several inches hit coastal communities.” Quoted by