Bitcoin Bankruptcy

This prediction has already been posted. But now that everything seems to be falling apart I thought it would be important to share the prediction again. Bitcoin is not gold but from its look I could understand how spirit would see it as gold.

Notes on 12-14-13
“Gold broken.. it was good for more than a little while”

The Facts: Bitcoin losses spur Mt. Gox to bankruptcy filing. Quoted News:

In other news: Nothing unfolded in the marked dates, ‘2 minutes’ my only thought is that they might be referring to the 2nd. Either way I have considered it a failed prediction.

Spirit has shown a large mass of land with a large crack in it, their point was to show a very wide incident. I have to assume we are talking about an earthquake. We will be asking for details tonight.


Three Diplomats Expelled and Turkey Corruption

Is this the 3 they are talking about? The prediction vs the facts.

Notes on 2-25-14 Venezuela
In Venezuela.. 3.. 3 written on a gas station.. not available.. staples needed..  impacted.. rushing into it.. come to my neighborhood.. then celebrations, the rule (regime) is coming down, it is expected to fail, all things come to an end.

The Facts on 2-26-14: WASHINGTON—The United States has expelled three Venezuelan diplomats in response to similar action against three U.S. consular officials in Caracas.

Read more: US expelling 3 Venezuelan diplomats – The Denver Post

Also it seems that the Turkey prediction might be starting to unfold, the prediction vs the facts:

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey
I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”

The Facts on 2-26-14: In Turkey,  Erdogan has also been accused of corruption by political rivals after  he allegedly told his son Bilal in a phone conversation in a recorded phone conversation to dispose of large sums of money on the day police raided properties in a corruption swoop.
Demonstrators alleging government corruption were dispersed by police with rubber-coated steel bullets, teargas and water cannon. Quoted news:


Notes on 2-26-14

4 then 44, they showed a very large 4 with a small one in the background.
“Monster.. spider.. man.. slices his victims.. butcher.. redemption..” I saw a dark figure holding a large knife or machete over his head.

In Egypt.. they showed the Egyptian pyramids.. plans foiled.. finally optimism and calm are returning.. and yes to the new leaders.. the political figures do what the people elected them to do.. they perform for the people, and their will.

I had a visual of a very large Volcano with snow all around it, they pointed and said it will blow.

Eric’s Comments: We still need to focus on some details, where is this spider, where and when will the volcano erupt? Here is a riddle for those of you interested, I can’t figure it out. The spirits have used food to say words, donut is do not, skippy peanut butter is skip it, yogurt is your good, the riddle is Mazola oil with the words ‘NO’, thoughts? Please share in the comment section.


Tornados in Tennessee and Illinois

This Prediction has happened. Not soon though, another round could be seen as another round outside of the season of Tornados.

Notes on 5-23-13
“Warning.. Another round.. tornados are headed towards Tennessee soon..”

The Facts on 2-21-14: On Thursday night, storms and high winds swept across Tennessee on Thursday night, pelting Nashville with rain and hail and putting thousands in the dark.

Large sections of the Midwest and South were under tornado watches Thursday evening as powerful and fast-moving storms pushed through the region, with flooding and building damage in Illinois. Quoted News:


Notes on 2-25-14 Venezuela

In Venezuela.. 3.. 3 written on a gas station.. not available.. staples needed..  impacted.. rushing into it.. come to my neighborhood.. then celebrations, the rule (regime) is coming down, it is expected to fail, all things come to an end.

Eric’s Comments: 3 could simply be March, sometimes it has to do with the event of the moment, like 47 is to Romney.


Distant Prediction 2

Humanity will literally come to consume and drink knowledge, what took years to learn will be learned in days and weeks.. Everything will change.. How ironic as the apple comes to be.


Mississippi River Oil Spill

This Prediction has happened. The number 13?

Notes on 12-11-13
“There is going to be a spill, captain.. 13.. this is a mess.. deadline.. they charge you to fix it.”

The Facts on 2-23-14: “The Coast Guard continues to work on an oil spill that started after two barges collided near Vacharie on Saturday.
Lightering operations on the damaged barge spilling oil were successful and the spill has been stopped. Oil spill response vessels and recovery equipment are deployed in the river.
The Captain of the Port closed the river from mile marker 90 to mile maker 155 to avoid possible contamination of passing vessels and to reduce the amount of oil spreading further down the river.” Quoted News: