Stocks Plummet

This prediction that was expected has happened.

Notes on 9-28-13 : “Baby Bibbers (US congress) at it again, the stocks will plummet”

The Facts: “US stock futures plummet as the federal government steams toward partial shutdown.” Quoted by


Notes on 9-30-13

I want to explain something first so you better understand the predictions below. This particular group of spirits I conversed with last night usually have the task of adding details to previous predictions. There is another group that starts a new prediction or sets a foundation. So in this rare situation they seem to be breaking tradition. Which explains the first line spoken, but makes all the other messages a haze.

“We have a problem.. earthquake.. Argentina”

Are these predictions below still talking about the earthquake or working on predictions posted 9-28 which was the plan? Sorry for the confusion.

“Saturday is key”

“The government is beaten down, screwed” (They mean verbally)

“Its red” Red is bad, similar to a red alert.

At a later time they showed a visual  of a piece of foil with the letters V-O-N-S on it. Foiled is used to describe a failure. Like a foiled attack.

50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

I spent yesterday September 28th on edge, nervous and biting my lip, hoping nothing sinister would happen on their predicted date. I was happy to fall asleep knowing the spirits were wrong, no spider had arrived, only to wake up to this deplorable disgusting act that unfolded 1 hour after the 28th. Unbelievably bad.
It’s possible the avocado relates to it being an agricultural college. The lights off could represent the dead of night. It explains the red “O”.

The Facts: “Suspected Islamist extremists attacked an agricultural college in the dead of night, gunning down dozens of students as they slept in dormitories and torching classrooms, the school’s provost said, reporting the latest violence in northeastern Nigeria’s ongoing uprising.
As many as 50 students may have been killed in the assault that began at about 1 a.m. Sunday September 29th in rural Gujba, he told AP. Quoted news:

The Predictions:

Notes on 9-21-13 The avocado split in two one half has arrived the other still on its way.” I had a visual of a spider sitting waiting.

Notes on 8-14-13 “The Spider will crawl on 9-28″ I had a visual of a man holding an avocado that was split in two and then a large black spider crawled up and around the avocado. Then it switched and the two pieces of the avocado were put in two different places. “Ambush” — I can’t speak for the meaning of the avocado but the spider is considered the absolute worse symbol they could present. Spiders have been used to describe Bin Laden, Breivik, school shootings in the states, and several other terrorist acts both domestic and foreign.
“Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster” I had a visual of a syringe, with liquid coming out. – Normally a syringe represents shots being fired, but normally they show multiple syringes, this had one, it could represent this monsters demise. This could also represent someone being put to death.
Also they showed a light switch in off position and then it was turned on. A message that a prediction that was considered off is actually going to happen “on”. Usually it’s because they are off in their timeframe.

Notes on 7-8-13 I had a visual that parts of Africa exploded in anarchy, violence and riots, and though Egypt has that recently, they seemed to imply other parts of Africa. There was talk about a situation involving the death of children but it wasn’t clear.

Notes on 9-23-13 I had two visuals. The first was a big red ‘O’ –that doesn’t sound good. The second showed another ‘O’ with 4 marks above it? As I have mentioned ‘O’ represents a cycle is complete which means one of their predictions is about to happen.

Reminders Notes on 8-14-13 ”The spider will crawl on 9-28″ : With all the tragic events going on I assumed their timing was off and that events have now unfolded, however they have implied recently something looms.

Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

Here is a visual of what the Spirits predict will be the path of the Florida Hurricane, but emphasis this is a mammoth Hurricane that will affect the majority of the entire coast of Florida, they also added that the southern tip of Florida would be thrashed.

The Eye of the Hurricane

The Eye of the Hurricane

The sum of all the previous predictions about Florida.
Notes on 9-9-13 Florida Hurricane

Notes on 3-16-13

Clarity on a previous message:
“The mammoths storms of 2013, the whoppers are coming. Such a massively high tide.”
They have clarified this prediction below is more about a timeframe of the most horrible global storms of 2013 that are about to arrive as the year closes. Its destruction based on the rising sea levels, the tide will be a massive problem.

Previous message:
I saw a large clay square plate that was shattered and crushed. Followed by the words TIDE.
I am unfortunately familiar with this message. They have used the clay plate visual before, the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. It’s a visual of how overwhelmingly destructive a situation is.

Mexican Storm Victims

More direct news on the subject “the government is ill prepared” in regards to Mexico flooding.

Notes on 9-5-13
“In the southern tip of Mexico a big storm.. and surrounding nations.. the government is ill prepared.. in or around October.. the start.. Tabasco Mexico.. very ugly”

CNNs reads: Mexican storm victim: “The Government ignored us.” “The truth is, I don’t even know what to tell you,” he said. “The government ignores us. They help everyone else, but they’ve forgotten about Renacimiento.” Quoted News:

Sorry for all the posts today.

Notes on 9-28-13

Here is the sum of all the predictions we are working on, but have plans to go back now and add dates to several of these predictions. When we do have dates, expect us to repeat them. We are also working on the Path of the Florida Hurricane. Here is the voice of Spirit on several different subjects.

“Because of the sun there will be a shutdown from space.”

“In October the volcano will erupt and require an expeditious exodus. Take caution as it will damage the town” They showed a picture of South America. Then they showed flags with limes on them. Peru in the Lima area perhaps? “The damage!”

“One of the Supreme Court Justices fall gravely ill.”

“I am a survivor!” .. “A deadly plane crash with its miracle”

“An oddly strange frosty chill will sweep though the southeast quarter of the US, doing extensive damage to its crops” — They implied a very blistering cold timeframe in the coming months, worse than the norm.

“Baby Bibbers (US congress) at it again, the stocks will plummet”

Being 9-28 I am hoping for a calm uneventful day without any spiders. We have all had enough of these violent acts.

Notes on 9-27-13

Horrible news, but the next post I promise is positive news.

I saw a large clay square plate that was shattered and crushed. Followed by the words TIDE.
I am unfortunately familiar with this message. They have used the clay plate visual before, the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. It’s a visual of how overwhelmingly destructive a situation is. If you recall it was a crack that described Mexico’s earthquake.  The key part is that when they provided the message for Japan, it happened a few weeks later. One would guess that it’s the Tsunami (key # 12) they predicted on the west coast. Also possible is a hurricane, or something we haven’t predicted, all of which is a guess.

“A great man-made famine will sweep Syria, What a truly wicked butcher, what unrighteous neighbors (UN). You will actually debate whether or not to feed them as we gasp.” — Spirits Voice

“It’s the end of the world in the night sky, what a sight for Galileo”  No it’s not the end of the world for us. My guess,  Galileo being an astronomer would imply a massive explosion in space which explains the night sky.