Notes on 8-30-13

I had a visual of an icy river bed with grey and blue odd-looking ground underneath the water. “They will find the ancient remains of a river bed on Mars, and with it what is needed” — It was odd because in this historic visual there wasn’t much of the familiar red copper looking ground. But it was clearly not earth. Expect to see outer space as a new focus, this century will be an amazing time of discovery and exploration.

A picture of Al Assad, in the background was the number 4. – My guess is a countdown to the 2nd-3rd, or the date the 4th?

“We stand by our truths, and our opinions.” — We have taken a lot of heat for calling Al Assad a Butcher. That criticism is directed towards me, but this is their opinion, their words. I have always made the greatest effort to give you exactly what they have said in honor of them.  Just as the referred to Breivik as a filthy spider with razor like legs, or the US congress as bratty little toddlers that needed large bibs for their inflated egos. They have referred to Al Assad as a butcher and their truth squarely puts the blame of the chemical attack on him. In the past we excluded the opinions of the spirits, kept it out of the predictions. But their opinion is one of crystal clarity. This is a force that can see past the fog of propaganda, political agendas, and a collective national opinion. Which brings us to the purpose of sharing their opinion. Because in some not so distant future there will be that once again leader standing at a podium screaming in the microphone while his hands gesticulate and the crowd will be filled with pride and excitement while the spirits predict this leaders future sharing with you an opinion, he’s the devil incarnate.

We are debating the opinion status. Is it worth the mess that comes with it? Its debate has gone to the bosses on the other side. They have more pressing matters so I am not expecting an answer anytime soon.


Notes on 8-28-13

I heard a voice say “4” then I saw a visual of a subway or train station where people where waiting and the spirits were yelling at the people standing and waiting “you’re in danger.” In the background was a US flag. – An added message to previous ones. Clearly pointing now to the US.

The Fall of the Butcher Al Assad

This prediction was posted in 2012 and clearly October is a key time frame of when things would unravel for Al Assad. For Syria,  the spiritual force that guides me wants to remind you that they will always stand with you against your transgressors, you are not alone, they want you to know they stand with you in your darkest hour and promise there will be peace one day. The old prediction, wrong in its year, reads:

Prediction 28: The Fall of Bashar Al Assad
Around October 2012 Bashar Al Assad will be dethroned from his position as Syria’s leader.  The people of Syria rejoice! Rejoice! The bloody butchers reign is closing. Finally Peace!
Everything really starts to unfold in September and carries over to October. This prediction is posted fairly early, but in the coming weeks you will see a shift in regards to the war in Syria.

The Butcher Al Assad

The first part of this May prediction has happened, and now expect the second half to unfold:

Notes on 5-18-13
“The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.”

Also notes from yesterday:
Syria? I saw in the dark a small dog standing under bushes, waiting, and waiting. – Dogs in the past have represented a sort of watch dog. Recently in the news it has been reported that the UN is now allowed to visit those areas in question of the chemical attack by Al Assad. My guess on this message is that even though the UN has been told that access will now be available, the message contradicts that by implying that the “dog” will wait off to the side, unproductive.



Notes on 8-23-13 Australia

“Shifts one after another both social and in leadership will change the scope of Australia, in a short time it will become the safest nation in the world.. the world could learn from their example.”

They have been working towards these new type of predictions, that show a specific nation and the direction it is headed, they have made similar predictions in regards to Libya, Germany, Iraq, and Malaysia. Unfortunately these predictions will not be able to be confirmed for years.

Notes on 8-23-13

I had this horrible visual of a painting slowly coming together and it was a massive bombing. When it was complete it showed such massive destruction. A message of a major event coming. The painting could mean one of the most major events presented by them. I plan to ask for more details, but part of me believes the message is already out their.

“Iran will test their weapons without consent..  The world community voice outrage. “

Nasdaq Shutdown

Has this prediction happened? The computer slammed down could be seen as a shutdown. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 7-8-13
“I heard voices, over voices, all at once, like hearing everyone’s phone calls all at once. Then dead silence. They then showed a computer cut in half. One of the halves of the computer was slammed down”

The Facts: Nasdaq resumes trading after 3-hour shutdown. Trading resumed on the Nasdaq exchange after a three-hour shutdown that halted trading. A problem affecting quote dissemination starting at 12:14 froze trading in all securities in the longest shutdown at the exchange in recent memory.