Notes on 3-30-13

Here are the notes from Spirit for March 30th. They were very excited to present a few points of positive news away from all the dreadful predictions.

“Last night people fell.. they will fall.. more coming..” I am assuming they are talking about the landslide in the news, they seem to predict more is coming or it’s not entirely over.

“This is great news!!.. Notorious.. Crazy.. The new mad leader takes aggressive action.. There will be a launch.. island.. the leader will fall.. everything is about to change.. they will have to wait outside for a little while..” I believe they are talking about the North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un. If not him, it’s another ‘Notorious’ leader in the world.

“A technology is coming that will redefine gravity.. so many new items come out of it..”

There was mention of “The president, or leader is killed or assassinated” its possible they might be talking about Kim Jong-un. There urgency to the killing implies a closer time line. Or perhaps they just want to bring clarity to the subject but we did not have time to finish.


Serial Rapist Found

This Prediction has happened. The Prediction under  20: Notorious Criminal Found – Band Breakup  / Notes on 03-15-13  posted March 7th reads:

Notorious Criminal Found
“Steakout”..”We found him”..”Bill Curtis Moment”..There was a mental connection to the desert like Arizona. Its unclear if this is where he is found or has ties too. Bill Curtis being the host of the “Notorious” criminal show that bios the worst historic criminals, I know its cheesy and old but I am a huge fan of Bill.

Also the date..
Written: ’716,719, 725-29′, These represent marked dates 16th, 19th, and an open timeframe somewhere in the range of the 25-29, Note they did not mention the Month but to bring attention to these dates would have to mean a three month time span.  Each date is an estimated time of an existing prediction,..

The Facts: Gary Irving Convicted Serial Rapist Captured after 34 years. “A convicted rapist who for decades has been on the run from the law was captured by police this week. Irving, who was found guilty in Norfolk County, Mass., of raping three young women, including a 16-year-old girl, was arrested Wednesday the 27th in his home in Gorham, Maine. Reuters reports that Irving had been sentenced to life in prison in 1979 but that he had fled after the judge in his case chose to delay his sentence by two days to allow him to make arrangements before his prison term started.” Reported on the 29th, Quoted by

No clear connection to a desert.

Serial Killer: Virginia Soares de Souza

The Prediction Posted under Notes on 03-15-13 has happened it reads:

..I also had a vision I was staring at a large poster on the wall of a dirty street, on the poster was a pair of very large open-faced scissors, in the middle of the poster was written the word ‘Killer’.

The Facts: The media reported on March 27th,  Doctor Virginia Soares de Souza accused of killing 300 patients in Brazil, making her one of the worst serial killers.

I will let you decide on its accuracy. Scissors could be a synonym to the last name. But I believe the poster would be symbolic to her being a “Poster Child” of serial killers.  However disgusting a human, she has toppled other serial killers as one of the worst. Either way the prediction is fairly vague.

The Band Breakup

This Prediction posted March 7th has happened. Its not vital news but I am a fan of the band. The prediction reads under 20: Notorious Criminal Found – Band Breakup :

Band Breakup
The vision of a picture of three young male band members with a storm hovering in the background. Spirits Voice saying:  ”Reunion”..”They are booed on stage”..”Hostile”..”Tearful”..”That marks the end as two step down from the stage, to pursue other avenues”

The Facts: On March 23 it was reported that the My Chemical Romance band has broken up. The media had several articles on the breakup partially since the band has had several hit songs. News Reference:


Here are the notes from spirit, on March 26th, they have completed the massive fire prediction, I am still working on a timeframe for the Australia storm.

A massive Fire in Texas.. Texas is on fire, one fire after another endlessly trying to put out.. so massively large it’s nearly impossible to put out.. June..”

“An explosion of new stuff.. new technologies for all to consume.. so many new things coming.. a boost for the economy.. the tide is changing”

“Another massive storm hits Australia.. One, two, three.. it will come from the north.. and strike the northern parts of Australia..”  They talk about three storms back to back. Two of them already happened, with the second being Cyclone Rusty which was predicted over a month ago. Now they are predicting another massive storm or cyclone.

“An epidemic is rising”  I had a vision of a small bug changing into a large bug the size of a hand. It had wings and long sharp hook like legs. “An epidemic is rising.. A deadly disease is coming”. Then the bug multiplied and begin attacking a suburbia, invading the houses and seeking out people. When they presented the swine flu years ago they actually presented a very similar visual but it wasn’t big. Why big? I would guess its a reflection of strength or power, perhaps a superbug.

Midwest Flooding

This Prediction has happened:

5: Coming Predictions Posted Jan 8th 2013
There will be extensive flooding and damage in Ohio in March, perhaps the second half of March. The view of this prediction showed a vehicle half under water to represent how bad the flooding really was.
Notes on 03-15-13 
Written: ’716,719, 725-29′, These represent marked dates 16th, 19th, and an open timeframe somewhere in the range of the 25-29

The Facts: “March 17th, 2013  Another wet weekend has some Midwestern rivers  rising, creating flooding that is an ironic end to a winter spent fretting about drought. The Mississippi was approaching flood stage at several spots south of St. Louis to Cairo, Illinois, where it joins with the Ohio River.” Quoted News:–Midwest-Flooding

Comments: It’s not Ohio but the Ohio River of the Midwest. Its unclear when this storm started but both the 16h and 19th are close to the timeframe. I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the picture on “Quoted News” the car is an interesting footnote as you read the original prediction.

Notes on 3-17-13

Here are the notes for the 17th from spirit, in regards to the world events coming soon. They are now adding information to the previous posts.

“In about 3 days the famous lady will pass away…”
“A tsunami is coming.. A tsunami hits the west coast.. various parts are affected.. Hawaii flooded.. not horrorific  but damaging.. April..” We will try to update the timing as we get closer.
I had a vision of a man dressed in a plaid shirt, with tie, his face was charcoal grey with red bead like eyes. He was surrounded by nature, by either a camping ground or motel. The red-eyed charcoal face is a familiar look, its how they presented serial killers, Bin Laden, Al Assad,  individuals you could argue are pure evil. This person is being presented as your average Joe dressed like a school teacher. It might be connected to the poster of a pair of scissors on the wall, with the words killer which was posted a few days ago.