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Whats Coming

Here is the foundations or base of the coming predictions that we are working on. Tsunami or under water earthquake — we need to ensure the details Queen of England in the news A storm hovering over Washington DC, US Capitol and White House … Continue reading

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Predictions Are Unfolding

Prediction 28 The Fall of Al Assad (Posted June 20th) Around October 2012 Bashar Al Assad will be dethroned from his position as Syria’s leader.  The people of Syria rejoice! Rejoice! The bloody butchers reign is closing. Finally Peace! Everything … Continue reading

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Prediction 30: Texas Fire

In July there will be a raging fire that will burn through Texas.

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Summary of Mistakes

Eric’s Chatter (Posted May 2) reads: Here is the predictions the spirits and I are working on now. This is the focal point and foundation of each new prediction. Now it becomes a race to gather as many details  for … Continue reading

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Prediction 29: Hurricane On East Coast

There will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm that will strike the middle of east coast of the U.S. . The flooding and damage will be extensive. There will be unexpected casualties. The government response will be ready and prepared for the … Continue reading

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